12 March 2010

the owners of the planet are getting uptight about trash

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We keep being flummoxed by how ever could they hang with the unholy mess being made of this planet in pursuit of more of their already sickeningly unassailable wealth, and I'm sure they're unhappy about how thoroughly they are being trashed by the "conspiracy theorists" so determinedly tracing the qui bonos back to them. So the friskiest of them is awaiting the optimal weather to embark upon his voyage to visit our Plastic Island, the size of a disputed number of Texases, on his way to Sydney in his boat made completely of plastic waste... which would be seen by very many as as a righteously green thing to do.

It's seen by others as more evidence that the owners plan to tighten their enslavement of the masses with this crusade to clean up their planet.

I'm 100% behind all efforts to clean up the planet, no matter what the cost, and no matter who owns it, but I also think it would be poetic justice if this kid drowns in the plastic along with all the other formerly living things rotting there.


  1. Well, we trash are getting pretty uptight about the owners!


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