27 March 2010


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Darn fine day out there today. Between the last one and this one the North Pole came back for a visit, and at least today everyone was dressed, but my roses and wild irises are ON this one for sure.


  1. Hope that cliff you always threaten to jump naked off of is more than rhetorical and that you are on top of it.


  2. Or that you are sitting on one or more of those springs...

    Now that could be fun!

  3. I guess I better get right on that spring action thing!

    Actually, they have been warning for years that the Cascadia Fault could do the worst damage ever. So we here in the pastoral bits of northernmost California get ALL the action! Shitload of faults all over the place AND tsunamis from Alaskan quakes! "Luckily" for me, earthquakes bliss me out....

  4. And, you know, ever since that big commenting weirdness the other day, things have been much better for me comment-wise. I no longer have to turn on my cookies to make a comment. You have no idea what a HASSLE that was for me all this time... and how many times I forgot, and lost big long, brilliant, comments....

  5. I once lived in a house in Amherst Junction WI. It sat between the Soo Line and the Green Bay & Western railroad tracks. The Soo Line was about 30 feet to the south from the house in a rail cut. You had to walk over to the edge to see the trains. It was so deep you couldn't see them from the house.
    The GB&W was on grade about 50 feet to the north. It crossed over the Soo at a bridge behind the house, actually curving around the house to hit the bridge. (More a matter of the required approach angle than because of the house.)
    The house was over 80 years old and had settled over the years into some interesting configurations.
    A chimney in the center of the kitchen wall had the original floor base board now about 8 inches above the existing floor. There were doors on either side of the chimney, the tops of which were slanted down towards the center like eyebrows. All the cupboards had locks to keep the contents in.
    The trains were typically going in the 50 mph range. One train passing would shake the house pretty good. Occasionally both trains would pass at the same time - 7.0?
    My bed had this tall, open, coil spring with a pad type mattress on top. It would shake and wiggle insanely with two trains.

  6. since that big commenting weirdness the other day

    Did you remove the comments we were making while that was going on? I noticed they are gone.

  7. Getting ready to start dinner - smoke the roast.
    I made up my own marinade with Teriyake, ginger, onions, garlic, merlot, brown sugar and hot sauce.

  8. Yes. After all cleared, I removed them because they were on a couple pretty important posts and didn't want to discourage anyone who might have had something to say....

  9. OK,

    Another conspiracy theory bites the dust!

  10. LOL

    I am SUCH a spoilsport! :o)


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