19 April 2010

definitely WORSE than pravda ever was

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In the last few months I've seen in about eight places that the Russians were going to try to raise Stalin's image, turn him into some kind of Soviet Era hero, that they'd hired a PR firm to provide him with a new reputation in world history, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera....

This was supposed to be some indictment of that spooky and dictatorial ex-KGB officer, Putin, the guy who pulled Russia out of chaos and back into some semblance of normalcy and order from abjection to gangster billionaires. Well, during road construction ahead of another SCO summit, they just found a mass grave of people executed in the Stalinist purges. They are fixing to rebury the victims in a Vladivostok cemetery, and are debating whether to erect obelisks and create a whole complex of memorials to Stalin's victims there.

And this from their state news outlet, RIA Novosti:
During the Stalinist purges millions of people were executed on fake charges of espionage, sabotage, anti-Soviet propaganda or died of starvation, disease or exposure in Gulag labor camps in Siberia and the Far East. According to official statistics, 52 million were convicted on political charges during Stalin's regime.
Man. That PR firm sucks.

You know, for decades, nobody in Albania has referred to us as "Americans". They call us "The Revisionists" and everybody knows who they're talking about. I've known this shit and screamed about it with increasing urgency for most of my adult life. Yet still people are acting as though we can convince the media to cut this shit out.

I can't believe I have any hair left.

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