30 April 2010

of all things

[click image, video, space lizard lecture, hour and twenty minutes]

The only reason I'm linking this is because Dolan does a pretty good job of expressing what is very obviously wrong with government—ours in particular—and that makes it worth a listen. Funny how people who are completely out of the political sphere have such a comparatively easy time seeing it objectively. That is why the ancients insisted on detachment, and so many down through the ages have felt this to be such a cold-hearted injunction from people who also were insisting on compassion as the operating principle. Oh, and it's funny how wrongheaded people can be about what compassion is... but compassion bids me turn you on to this talk.

The guy's a hypocrite because he comes in saying he's not trying to sell his book, and that's ALL he talks about. He uses the shtick where most of his articulation is a mantra of giving himself authority, which isn't only the hallmark of someone desperate not to sound like a crank, but functions as such here, and in a whole lot of the communication from everyone addressing stuff that herd animals dismiss out of hand.

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