21 April 2010

we interrupt this program for a moment of sarcasm

[click image]

This has been a test of the emergency sarcasm system. If this had been a real moment of sarcasm, you would be instructed to tune-in to Groupthink to relieve the pressure from your sublimated adulthood.


  1. Fuckin bastards!

    NATO is now expressing “regret”

    Fuck you NATO!

  2. Every fucking day some white fuck is expressing regret, or apologizing with sheep, or admitting they broke a few eggs for an omelet that turned out not to be an omelet at all, just a whole new pile of exploded body parts. IF THEY WERE IN FACT CONTRITE THEY'D GET THEIR FUCKING ASSES OUT OF THERE AND MAKE REPARATIONS FROM AFAR.

    Is this shit appeasing anyone? ANYONE?


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