18 June 2010

blind woman may have to call out the troops

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Here is the Glenn Greenwald interview with the guy who ratted out Manning. I promised to get you the link, and here it darn well is.

A considerable amount of pain and blindness has been involved in this endeavor—bringing you this link—because I awakened this morning with what I'd call as close to desperate pain in my left eye as it gets. It wasn't great last night. I thought it was my allergies. I was too tired to deal with my contact lenses. This may have been a bad mistake. I dealt with them this morning, but now I've got two pair of corrective lens glasses on under my sunglasses. It's overcast. Just the light from my monitor hurts like hell.

I think I have to go deal with the local medical professional impersonators today. Whot?



  1. I truly HATE that site!

  2. Of course, I'm in terrible pain just now and the impersonators are all "in a meeting" today. So you should take that into account... except that I hate that site even when I'm not homicidally hurting.

  3. Doesn't sound like any fun - I've never been interested in getting contacts, hate it when anything is in my eyes.

    Once, years ago, I was outside on a windy day and got something in my eye. It was in there for two days and I couldn't find it - drove me nuts.

    Finally it moved to where I could find it - a tiny piece of thread!

    Another time I was driving to a job site when my truck over heated - 106 degree day. I pulled over and popped up the hood, just then the radiator blew out a bunch of antifreeze and the little hose that goes to the collection jug had a crack so it blew in my face.

    Aside from some burns on my forehead I didn't notice anything wrong.

    Once it cooled down I made it the last 10 miles to the job site - several large freshly cured concrete slabs where they had just knocked the forms off.

    The delta breeze was starting to come in and the wind was kicking up all kinds of dust including concrete dust, some of which got into my eye.

    A little later my vision wasn't right in that eye and it felt a little strange, but it didn't hurt and I forgot about it until I got home that evening.

    Upon looking in the mirror I found a huge blister right across the cornea. Freaked me out, but by morning it was gone. Don't know if it was the anti freeze or the concrete dust.

  4. Yuh. I'm a little better after running hot water on my face in the shower, but still bad photophobia... bad pain from too much light hitting left eye. Have to wear my sunglasses AND hold my hand at my left brow to keep from bad pain in the sun or near a window. Monitor less painful angled downward. The combination of looking up and light is AWFUL. I think I musta been slimed by something yesterday and the contact lens then just serves to hold it to the eyeball. I should've taken my contacts out last night when it was starting to bother me.

    I'm going to take an overdose of ibuprofen and have a nap and see if I can make it without having to go to the ER tonight. The urgent care people are all in a meeting and the ophthalmologist won't see me unless my doctor, who is in a meeting and not happening, refers me. So I'm gonna try to tough-it through today and go if it doesn't get any better by morning.

  5. Did I mention they're all impostors and their staffs are brain dead? This is the baseline here. About a hunnert miles to the nearest actual medical professional in any direction.

  6. Where's Dr Welby when you need him?

  7. They spoke as though it were a robot calling or something.

  8. Here, when you call, you get to speak to a robot!

  9. And robots call to remind you of appointments.

    Not one has been able to pronounce my last name correctly - great for entertainment!

  10. I'm hopped up on ibuprofen, man. I'm plotting to take my scary-ass face to a nightclub and teach those support staff types about life, the universe and everything... forty-two, baby, forty-two!

    Yikes. NO thing of beauty, this.


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