24 June 2010


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These will be the A1 best covers for when any of our provocateurs get busted. Out of work guys can sell six-trips-to-Pakistan-worth of tools, mystically, to go Rambo OBL, or unemployed Arab-Americans can sign up to be homegrown terrorists joining jihad. Why on earth ever didn't I think of that?
Pakistan court convicts 5 Americans in terror case

SARGODHA, Pakistan — A prosecutor says a Pakistani court has convicted five Americans on terror charges and sentenced each to at least 10 years in prison.

Rana Bakhtiar made the announcement Thursday in the Punjab town of Sargodha. He says the men have the right to appeal.

The five young Muslims from the Washington, D.C. area, were arrested in Pakistan in December after their families reported them missing.

The case is one of several involving alleged
"homegrown" American militants linked to Pakistan, but the only one being tried in a Pakistani court.


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