13 June 2010


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A while back, I find while going back to put the new BPGOM label on posts relating to the apocalypse in progress in the Gulf, I was making light of weighing the options for the best way to go out... for all of us to go out. I was doing it to help impress on everyone the SERIOUSNESS of all this stuff, but maybe I'm going to be thinking of Cary Grant a lot in what very well might be the last time on earth any of us have.

I'm thinking at this moment that all these guys posting about the abiotic oil thing and the inescapable conclusion that this blowout is UNSTOPPABLE should NOT be posting it on the internet and wailing about it on the airwaves, netcasting it... or not JUST doing that, anyway.


After all, WHO is the one who most needs to be convinced of REALITY right this very now? WHERE does one aim one's spear for the absolute optimum amount of effectiveness possible? Is this REALLY just going to get poured into the partisan gossip pipes? WHAT does that effect in the REAL world? They're talking a catastrophe of supervolcanic magnetude... are they not?

And I don't mean "supervolcano" as in actual volcano. I mean it in terms of amounts of greenhouse gasses and toxins emitted... which would end up having the SAME effect as a supervolcano. IN FACT, they may be dumping the Corexit on there like there is no tomorrow, DESPITE how many living things—INCLUDING PEOPLE—it kills, precisely to keep as much of these horrific gases from our atmosphere as possible. I'm not given to thinking of altruistic reasons these pigs might be doing what they do, but that would account for their continued balls-to-the-wall use of it. Keeping as much of it as possible subsurface MIGHT be the only way they can think to keep most of us alive.

Get a feel for the size of the blowout....

Playing Russian Roulette with nukes....


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