19 June 2010

considering ancient human higher technology than now

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Capitalism is for ratfuckers.

I think this guy has much the same thing to say anyway.....

I might be going to like this fellow because we don't necessarily have to credit outer space or alien beings to explain the Sumerian tablets. You might understand that I've had it with Anunnaki, Nibiru, transdimensional beings, grays, Nordics, reptilians, what-have-you. It isn't that I don't find these things worthy of consideration. In fact, I've said before that the idea of humans being of alien origin or design makes more sense to me than Evolutionism or Creationism as they stand. It's just that I'd like to cut to the chase.

I'm listening to this right now, while trying to bear the headache that has replaced yesterday's severe eye pain. The photophobia is gone, thank goodness, and the headache is responding to coffee and ibuprofen. So I expect to be hale enough to go to the grocery store any minute, but I find myself quit of interest in current events for the moment... and maybe forever. So will stew about it for a while, I'm sure.

Right as the Bradley Manning thing cropped up, I felt it was bogus, but then kept seeing stuff that implied the kid was really being held and he really did this stupid stuff with the despicable guy who turned him in and even that Wikileaks was going about raising money for Manning's defense. Well. There isn't any proof of any of that out there, which leaves the part about Assange being hunted by the DoD the only believable part of the whole supposed debacle.

The Obama administration has done a complete about-face on EVERYTHING we heard from the candidate and has taken the Dubya/Fudd doctrines much further... to include simply having what it doesn't want left available to us disappeared from the intertubes, swiftly and completely. People are being tortured; their rights ignored; their LIVES ignored; and criminals are allowed to go completely unscathed by even their WORST crimes. The incompetence is not incompetence. It is part of their purpose, witting, and no amount of loss of life that results is of any moment. Their intelligence is reserved for lies and tricks and political maneuvers, saying one thing and doing another, over and over and over and over and over and over ... and I'm pretty sure there has not been even one instance where what Genghis Yoo or anyone in federal office says matches up with deeds, with actuality.

Incredibly, most of us are still confused by this. People listen to what someone says and go off that. They completely ignore the deeds and just listen avidly to the palaver. My teacher told me, "Don't go by what people say. Watch what they do." In common parlance that is People Vote With Their Feet. This isn't just about politicians. This is about everyone. I've come across a number of people who can say oceans but won't do even a puddle. I know lots of darling and friendly people who are so lovable with the fun, funny, lovable things they say that it yanks yer teeth out of yer head when you strive to match that pleasant impression with the content of their world views and the monumental NEGATIVITY of their actions.

It's more complicated on here in cyberspace because on the one hand it is all words, the deeds are more along the lines of what people choose to post, or what you can see fuels their posts, or what actions you can tell actually took place from the content. This stuff can be faked... to a certain extent.

So anyway.

Maybe I'm just low from so much discomfort and outright pain the past few days. Maybe I can restore my vitality with a good meal or a slug of brandy or something. In the meantime, I'm pleased that the instant adventure in space lizardry might actually contain something workable for my purposes.



  1. Brutal Truth8/19/10, 1:15 PM

    "My teacher told me, "Don't go by what people say. Watch what they do."

    That's good advice 99. When I played youth football I was a defensive tackle and my coach used to always tell the defense "Don't let the ball carrier fake you out. Watch their belt buckle. Don't watch their head or their arms or their legs because they can fake you with their head, arms and legs. They can't fake you with their belt buckle. Where it goes is where the ball carrier is going."

  2. Brutal Truth8/19/10, 1:16 PM

    P.S.-- Smoke a little grass. It has always worked wonders for me.


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