05 June 2010


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I don't think we have any Thoroughbreds capable of winning the Triple Crown anymore. We barely have any capable of lasting through their three-year-old season. And since, on top of everything else, the real stars of their three-year-old season are ALWAYS immeeeeediately retired to stud, this is starting to point to the veracity of Darwin's theory... only more accelerated than he thought.



  1. 99

    In quest of the missing link

    I fixed it,



  2. From Crystal's blog:

    Did you know the Gulf Oil Spill occurred on Hitler's birthday? Something seems amiss yet all part of a Master Plan.

    I checked - it's true...

  3. A bunch of shit happens on Hitler's birthday... shit timed to occur on that day. There was also another spiral somewhere. Lots of things relating to Nazi scalar physics technology seem to be happening... or seems so to the guys who subscribe to the notion that we've had stateless Nazi rogues, possibly now headquartered in orbit, holding the world hostage....

    Again, just reporting....

  4. I left you a link somewhere around yesterday of a spiral in Australia.

  5. somewhere around here....

  6. That must have been it. I ran off to see if I could find any of the scalar physics guys talking about it yet, got sidetracked five times from it, and it has already started to melt in my SENILE memory banks! ADDERALL, ADDERALL, ADDERALL! Get me some fuckin' Adderall!


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