30 June 2010

fascism is fun

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Due to the abiding friendship of Old Uncle Dave I was privileged with this bit of "happy" confirmation that all those "raving conspiracy nuts" have been dead on the money with respect to the business of banks laundering drug money. Check it out.

So we have government subordinating its power to corporations, actually putting its power in their direct service, as is SO blatant in the Gulf Blowout; a two-tiered justice system where the mighty are let off EVEN the most heinous crimes against humanity and the ordinary citizens are prosecuted and persecuted to the full extent of the controllers' imaginations; citizens terrified of standing up for their Constitution OR for decency in the face of outright satanic slaughter and disregard for any life forms; cops gleefully tasering people to death—indeed, MURDERING us any way they please—and "suffering" paid suspensions at worst; whistleblowers against wildly illegal corruption being hunted down and incarcerated and the wildly illegal corruption allowed to proceed serenely apace; a Bush clone president getting sillier in the face of his brute insufficiency to his post, while also becoming ever more effective at carrying out his orders, but less cogently articulate by the day ...

It has finally occurred to me how I might have answered Scott when he asked me why I had Hitler's and Saddam's pictures on my screen saver with MLK, JFK, RFK, JWL and numerous gorgeous movie stars, guitar heroes, etc. He wanted to know what possible common thread there could be in this wild agglomeration beyond simply that they were all male. I told them that each of them represented to me some transcendental aspect of true manhood. But this, of course, freaked him out even more. I found myself unable to state it such that he could assimilate it and calm down, even if he couldn't bring himself to agree. The force of Scott's will is deadly effective at fogging my mentation when he wants his way badly enough... including when his way is just not to have to consider something about which his mind is resolutely locked.

It's the residue of my hero-worship hangup, a habit energy deadly-difficult to drop. But I guess in these straits, at this moment in time, the stakes have blown away my Scott-fog... for the moment, at least.

I don't excuse or revere Hitler. I have seen one truly manly thing about him. He bit the hand of the monster who fed him. He turned on the plutocrats who thrust him into power to serve their ends. He made a bid for the nourishment of his people... as he saw it. He found that all the bankers and industrialists feeding off the life force of the German People were Jewish, or those directly in the sway of Jewish bankers, further he "reasoned" that Jewish culture would only forever manufacture more of these monsters. So he went postal on all Jews, tried to train everyone's brains against the plutocracy, storm its house, murder its inhabitants, burn it down, pour acid and salt on its smoldering remains, pave it over and make trespass on that ground permanently punishable by death. He chose the madman's cure for the eradication of the worst evil that has ever beset humankind. I don't excuse or revere him, but I really DO uphold that urge in him to BEAT the monster.

That is also what bought Saddam his place on my screen saver. Monstrous as both men unquestionably were, they each awakened from thrall to evil even more perfidious than they and DID SOMETHING about it, tried to raise the prospects of their countrymen, tried to beat THE worst evil there is. We can say the atrocities they committed erase that impulse, but I don't think the impulse should be erased, only the atrocities.

Maybe you could catch my wave if you stop to consider just how useful to goodness and decency "Never Forget" has turned out to be. Maybe you could consider that jumping out of this system, this box, this lower level mentation, might end up being a bit more nourishing to what future we might yet be able to eke out for our children and grandchildren... to any ability for there to BE future generations at all.

Could be that ALL that needs fixing is our ideas about countrymen! What happens when you shift that to All Living Things?



  1. Hoooooold on! It might be a bumpy ride....

  2. Wachovia’s new owner paid $160 million in fines and penalties, less than 2 percent of its $12.3 billion profit in 2009.

    Sheesh, my daughter drifted onto the lane marker bumpy things on the freeway and got a ticket equal to 4% of her income!


  3. Why isn't this stuff on the front page of every newspaper?

    Oh, never mind...

  4. My ticket was equal to 5% of mine! And my parents aren't feeding me!

  5. This was reported last year, but US corporate media did not think it was worth covering.

  6. I'm actually in favor of drug money saving economies, and I'd prefer it saved banks insofar as it prevents them from looting retirements and wages or taxing people out of their homes, but no, they do both. The part that gripes the snot out of me is that it's corrupt when we try to stay afloat with drug money, but not when they do. It's that tiered justice of fascism thing.


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