27 June 2010

fundamentally sound advice

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I have to remember this for a neighbor the cops killed with tasers....


UPDATE: Pertinent commentary.... [audio, mp3, 20 minutes]



  1. Another case of prescription psych drugs gone bad??

    They put people on these things which sometimes have the opposite effect of what was desired, or if they stop taking them things get way out of control.

    One morning at work I got a call from someone claiming to be a security officer at McClellan Air Force Base asking if I knew a certain person (one of our employees). At first I thought it was him playing a practical joke but then realized there was a beep - beep - beep going on in the background - the conversation was being recorded - this was for real. I told him that the person in question was one of our employees at which the officer informed he that the guy would not be coming in to work that day. He had been found standing in the middle of the runway of the then active military base waiting for the mother ship to come and pick him up.

    I figured he had taken a large dose of psychedelics, but found out later that he had missed several doses of some medication he was taking.

    After several weeks in a mental hospital and several more weeks recovering at home he returned to work but had several more such episodes during the following year whenever he stopped taking his medication.

  2. I guess he's lucky no one "had" to use "nonlethal" force on him.... He isn't so lucky he has to take that shit to make him lucid enough to function. People keep going off their meds because they keep believing it's over, they're cured, and because those meds make you feel like crap 24/7/365.


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