06 June 2010

i just want to look at this guy some more — again

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I am turning to this REALLY long playlist on wuwu stuff, some white guy who says he speaks for the Mayans... could be... could be... but I'm for learning what I can learn from it....



  1. Nice video!

    Here's another I found while watching:


    On an earlier post of yours, you were talking about articles which report on horrendous crimes committed recently by people on psychedelics and we had a discussion about how the media distorts things.

    I was listening to NPR this morning and I think I may have found out why the media would want to start distorting stories about the dangers of hallucinogens again. It seems some doctors have finally gotten permission to start experimenting with the compounds recently, but are still having to run from the hysteria the media created in the sixties.

    The program lasted almost an hour and actually presented some very positive findings about these fascinating doors of perception. Shortly after listening, I had to get my ass to work at things much more trivial and absolutely annoying. Things haven't changed at all since we first experimented with infinity.


    Link to the program presented on NPR, (there's a little button labeled listen near the top of the page):


  2. From your link..

    Timothy Leary nearly killed the psychedelic revolution. He did more than anyone to popularize LSD and urged us all to "turn on, tune in, drop out." But Leary's indiscriminate use of mind-altering drugs created a backlash, and made them taboo for serious scholars.

    I don't think that Learys' so called indiscriminate use of mind-altering drugs had as much impact as ..


    A total of 23 female inmates were administered LSD as part of a 1961 study at the now-defunct federal Prison for Women in Kingston, Ont. At 18 and serving a three-year robbery sentence, Proctor received at least one dose of the powerful hallucinogen in a 1.5-metre-by-2.5-metre windowless basement segregation cell, lit by a single bulb with only a mattress and a hole in which to pass bodily waste.

    The abuse by some in the scientific community back then was HORRIFIC. All in the name of research and covertly funded by the CIA.

    Back then however....

    The US Congress had some teeth

    Could anyone really see how this kind of abuse would be handled by the governments we have today!

    And it's still going on today , albeit in a much more....

    Technologicly Significant Application

    Good interview with John Hall on the current shit going on out there


  3. Please don't get me wrong Larry, I'm all for research for natural, spiritual, esoterical healing of any sort. As long as the funding for that research is completely above board and transparent.

    I just don't think TPB want a healthy, spiritual society with an elevated consciouness.

    Theres wayyy too much evidence out there that they are more interested in sick, dumbed down, repressed one.


  4. I, honestly, don't know what what these scientists who have requested to do these new studies are up to. I hope to hell it isn't to develop new drugs based on natural psychedelics found in nature to get rich through "Big Pharma."

    My friends and I never knew how to create a perfect environment in which to experiment with the drugs because at times our parents would come home unexpectedly and resulted in some VERY uncomfortable situations, but, overall, the experience was profound and I never regretted it. Apologies to mom stem only from her misunderstanding of our motives. The "generation gap" was largely created by the media also.

    I believe humans have a symbiotic relationship with these plants which cannot be improved upon and has nothing to do with profit or war.

  5. Honestly, I don't think Germany, Poland or the Untied States would mind if the good Jewish people came here. The bad ones can rot!

  6. Yes, well, how does one decide who's a "good Jewish" person and who's not...? And I know and love all kinds of Jewish persons... want to MARRY Finkelstein.... I don't think of any of this in terms of "Jews" doing it. It's ISRAELIS doing it. It's the nation and its nationalists doing it, despite their desire to conflate Judaism with Israel, despite it being put in everyone's minds, BY THEM, that disapproval of Israeli policy is anti-Semitism.


    And, the Israelis who hate this stuff are leaving Israel in droves... so what's left can be moved to the South Pole... END of problem.


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