03 June 2010

i know you thought you'd heard every theory, but...

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Well, no, you haven't.

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  1. My theory is it's frequency. I cite a book
    "Larry Spring - Common Sense Physics"(4.)

    Basically I am building on the back of Larry's magnetosphere's. (which I now will refer to as spheres for brevity and clarity)

    These spheres do several things depending on their size (which depends on their wavelength, which depends on the frequency)

    there's many formulas depending on what your working with but the Traditional Science basic idea is


    Frequency has an inverse relationship to wavelength, frequency is inversely proportional to wavelength λ (lambda).

    I have to start ya all out with a pair of BASKETBALL's while at the moment I can't visualize what frequency that is, I can tell you it's pretty high. A quick guess and I would say 75 - 100MHz

    A CB Radio 10Meter / 27 MHz puts out basketballs about 20 feet round. That I can visualize.

    A microwave signal in the GHz range will be more like a ping pong ball or smaller.

    (Hopefully your now visualizing this now)

    This is my basic understanding of RF

    a. If nothing is in the path they travel forever.

    b. If a flat surface larger than the size of the spheres is in the path, they bounce

    c. If if something is smaller or a fucked up
    surface not flat (like leaves in a tree) it is absorbed

    I believe the bee's are absorbing EMF, from something up in the GHz or THz range. Obviously when we start talking about THz we're getting into military classified stuff, although we can still talk about it from a physics standpoint, we won't be able to prove anything from a science standpoint when it's state secret(1.)

    Maybe it's perfectly resonant with the size of the bee's brain. Do bee's have a brain? I dunno. But anyway, their little body is almost round. If you take their head alone it's almost perfectly round, eye even more so..

    I don't know what FREQ's or how much power it would take, but that's my theory. And you won't find it in a college class. On the other hand, there is Joe(2.) that say's he can cure cancer by killing the cells with RF. Personally I'd like to see this taken much much further, to the point of studying and measuring the size of virus's and then figuring out the wavelength is simple math. With that you could cure things like West Nile Virus, Malaria, even AIDS if you know the frequencies.

    Obviously I am not a fucking doctor, entomologist, my background more in line electronics but alas I proudly hold no "degree" which would only drive up the unit cost of classes eh.
    You don't need a degree (3.)to do squat in this world.

    1.) This is parallel to my argument about Global Warming and HAARP and aerial spraying--if it's man made warming, it's a classified government program and therefore no science can be called science without full disclosure--anyway let's not argue about climate change right this minute

    2.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Kanzius

    3.) Today's world getting a degree can leave your ass in debt with no job. Not very smart, and I wouldn't ever hire fuckers who just read college books and can't deal with real life anyway. The knowledge needed for self-determination and understanding of the universe doesn't come from a fucking degree. Although sometimes it might need a boost to get going.

    (4.) Larry Spring - Common Sense Physics

    Wow I gutted this post somehow. Fuck it


  2. They're talking about torsion physics here. Einstein talked about it in one of his Unified Field Theories. It's not mainstream. It's sub rosa.


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