23 June 2010

i'm feeling a very hard pull

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To a place I don't even like, but love nonetheless. The Republic of Lakotah is inhospitable to ocean and mountain lovers, to humans. Eastern Montana and Wyoming and the Dakotas are flat grasslands, with winds that blow anger into your bones, and it is worse in the towns. This was not the case before wasichu, before the buffalo were slaughtered so as to starve the natives, but it has long been the case, and, incredibly, the United States seems determined to continue to make it more hellish, for drill, every chance it gets... a sort of endless revenge for the pig demon Custer and his ilk who bought it at Greasy Grass a hundred and thirty-four years ago this Friday and Saturday.

Over at al Jazeera this morning I contemplated Russia now getting into it with another former-Soviet-now-failed state over gas, and an opinion piece about Turkey's place in the hearts of Palestinians and the Arab World in general. It all just boiled down in my mind to the hate continuing to pump from wasichu like the toxic flow from Macondo into the Gulf of Mexico, which, maybe you haven't thought it yet, will almost certainly go on to do to the whole planet exactly what wasichu has been doing, lo, these entirely too many years... poison snakes slithering out from a central hole and covering the globe... "diplomats" and "intelligence agents" and "industrialists" and "economists" and "financiers"... poison snakes forming a slithering web around this planet.

It just keeps saying to me that any of us who cannot, could not ever, throw in with the snakes who "govern" us, should now be applying for Lakotah citizenship, jumping through whatever hoops it takes to both learn and rebuild true humanity there, let that be where we make our world over again.

We could start by tearing down the fences for the buffalo, and tearing down the multifarious monuments to dead fuckers, piles of petrified shit bolted to the landscape, drive out the liquor stores, build an entirely new kind of university and blow those evil winds back off the plains. That would be a start.


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