03 June 2010

it's still raining

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I tellz yiz, this is spooky. It went from pouring down gently but very steadily all day yesterday to somewhat lighter but still steady sometime last evening and hasn't stopped once in at least thirty hours. A damn HUGE helicopter showed up very low in the air in front of my house right after the rain lightened up last night. It did a couple of spectacularly loud circles and then landed somewhere very near but behind the ailing redwood trees next to my house, so I couldn't see what was up with that. They just started the sucker and flew off again a few minutes ago.

It would make five or six of any helicopter a city slicker might recognize. It looked like a giant orange dragonfly. In California, if anything is that orange, the orange of the damn Blogger icon, that means CalTrans... except there don't seem to be any highway problems nearby... could be they were expecting a spot south of Crescent City to slide into the drink... or moving more boulders up to it to keep it from sliding into the drink. Or they were using it to take out a redwood by the highway.

I can't decide between sitting here and agonizing over if some fucks used the rain to excuse taking out an inconvenient ancient and doing something to find out about it. Then I would know and that might be worse... since I didn't have any warning to be able to stop them.

Oddly, I didn't have one part of a fear they were here to drop commandos on me. I'd have taken some out with my ceramic goose or beaned them with the Avatamsaka before they got me....

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