09 June 2010

last stand

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I spent all night going through thousands of images. I was on a mission, ideas coming up rapidly, cooking on all my cylinders... when my ISP went down for service. Happens EVERY time.

It's still raining.

It is STILL raining.

I cannot put off certain errands another day.


If yer wondering why I'm harping on the ancestors so much lately...
Teach your children what we have taught ours, that the Earth is our mother. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth. The Earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the Earth. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.
I'm trying to find somewhere true humans can help remind you of what is fundamental, vital, the thing you have forgotten.

The core problem is the enormously high pressure within the reservoir. This is absolutely NOT a 'normal' reservoir. Some engineers believe that the reservoir should never have been breached.

Oil executives know it as Thunder Horse. Some engineers are calling it "Crazy Horse". Significantly, mathematical modeling of the behavior of the reservoir has failed. It is NOT KNOWN what will happen under various possible circumstances.

This is an engineers' nightmare. Without mathematical modeling, which gives predictive confidence (a principle of all science).... the engineers are guessing.

To put this into plain terms:
no-one knows what will happen.

A highly credible source, well-informed by engineers in the oil industry, explained:

The problem is this. The pressures are so extremely high that even if they plug one hole, other holes may form under stress. The well casing must be choked along its length to close it.

18-minute mp3 regarding the coverup of the Gulf blowout....

VIDEO that may conflict with this testimony....

Thunder Horse....

Bear in mind the hint we got TWO WEEKS ago....

This doesn't even touch their operation of that probably several-orders-of-magnitude-worse spill potential on their underdocumented Thunder Horse field control platforms.

BP-operated Thunder Horse field, the largest-ever oil discovery in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico....

BP's Thunder Horse to underperform in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon blowout?

It is a concern because the facility was designed to produce 390,000 bbl/day of total liquids. They are not bringing that much to the surface. The fact that the total liquids is slowly declining says one of two things: either the pressure decline is not allowing those flow rates, or they are throttling back [more likely scenario of the two] on the flow to avoid coning the water into the wells and thus further harming the reservoir. But either way, the field is not performing as it was probably expected.


"The MSM and industry trade journals continue to be completely silent on the sharp decline in crude oil production from the main producing structure in the Thunder Horse complex."

Dennis wrecked the Thunder Horse rig....

Look at it on a map....


Horizon was sunk at 28.736667°N 88.386944°W and Thunder Horse was sunk at 28.1091°N 88.4944°W....

[That means they're VERY close to each other... like maybe 40 miles from rig to rig... well... former rig to hurricane-damaged rig... AND Thunder Horse has a northern quadrant way nearer even than that... with a number of holes in it already... and, actually, SO close that Horizon was working part of the Thunder Horse field, along with the Atlantis field.]

A Valdez Every Five Days....


Something has been bad wrong at Thunder Horse since the beginning of the year. Deepwater Horizon is either in the exact same field or immediately adjacent to it in the same underground layer. Scattered reports of crude bubbling up from the seabed in the area have been floating for at least a week. I don't like the notion that opening back up the Thunder Horse to full capacity might relieve the pressure on the Horizon blowout and it isn't being done because it would take in so much water that it would "further harm that reservoir". I don't like that I'm now hearing rumors of oil execs freaking about Thunder Horse and whistle blowers being the ONLY source of information about this.

Seems to me the GOVERNMENT could force this wide open and everyone could know, and it would be GOOD for national security.


It's raining even more... and it's COLD.


In a nutshell, what I'm thinking today is that the whole catastrophe may have been—maybe even SEEMS to have been—percolating under there for months and months, that the exploded Horizon rig might only have been ONE of the awful consequences of drilling into those deposits, only one of the ugly results of Big Oil flailing to salvage profitability—slowing production to keep the pressure high enough to prevent "further harm" to the reservoir, which turned out to make the pressure so high it blew out—trying to keep a lid on one of the biggest mistakes in human history, creating very possibly THE biggest mistake in human history.

It could be that the ONLY way to settle the mistake they made by drilling there at all is to let the entirety of Thunder Horse gush into the Gulf of Mexico. If they apply any more pressure to contain it, it—the Gulf of Mexico—could blow like a mega-volcano, BECAUSE many of those oil fields are not really that distinct from each other, not taking much to get pressurized into becoming each other.... Unless... unless, possibly, they STOP pumping any oil in the Gulf and cap everything.

I mean, I'm suddenly getting this picture that the pressure is only necessary if you're trying to preserve the oil for human consumption. If you write off that source, those oil fields, take the pressure off, the reservoirs find equilibrium with seawater, the seawater they're trying to keep from getting in there now with this muffed pressure modulation business... This would drastically slow the rate of flow into the Gulf and allow EVERYTHING to be sealed up, put to bed. Over. No?

But I don't know anything.

Maybe I just got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, but this sudden hit from the space lizard people FINALLY plugged the hole that I have felt lurking within this story since the rig blew up. It also explains better the administration's freaky reticence....


  1. Yesterday or the day before I saw an article about a new find of the coast of Texas, in deeper water and under deeper earth, said to be the biggest in the Gulf with between 15 and 115 billion barrels of oil. The report was current and listed it as "Just Found".

    I have been pulling my hair out trying to find it again. I've been finding many reports from 2006 through Sept of last year talking of a new find by Chevron in that area, but none give the amounts from that current report.

  2. awful consequences of drilling into those deposits

    I fear the well casing letting go and the BOP and all shooting into the sky leaving a gaping hole emptying the entire reservoir into the ocean.

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  6. I know how you feel. It's as though one needs to have a little pot on one's desktop into which one might just dump links to stuff... just train ourselves to click bits like that into the pot so we can dig them out later... BUT one never realizes how salient something will become until it's too late.


    So it probably doesn't REALLY help to have the damn links. Maybe we should invest in a server and have our computers programmed to dump everything we look at into the server. THEN we might stand a chance of keeping that information available....

    Assuming we can keep that server in Russia or somewhere like that.

  7. I have solved my problem with this, though, sort of. If I can't fetch it back with a quick search, I just say what I took away from a forgotten source and let people sort out whether to believe me, or give them the heads up for when they might come across it. Still a OCD-sufferer's nightmare, but good Zen practice....

  8. What totally muffed comment? :-P

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    awful consequences of drilling into those deposits

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