05 June 2010

let's see if the turkish prime minister is a politician or a statesman

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Report: Erdogan considering visiting Gaza to 'break blockade'
Published 16:53 05.06.10 | Latest update 16:53 05.06.10

Turkish PM may visit Gaza, ask Turkish Navy to accompany another aid flotilla, according to Lebanese newspaper; Turkish military opposes cutting security ties with Israel.

By Haaretz Service

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is weighing the possibility of traveling to the Gaza Strip in order to "break the Israeli blockade," the Lebanese newspaper al-Mustaqbal reported on Saturday, according to Army Radio.

Erdogan reportedly raised the idea in conversations with close associates and even informed the United States of his intention to ask the Turkish Navy to accompany another aid flotilla to Gaza. The Americans asked Erdogan to delay his plans, in light of tensions on the region, the Lebanese report said.

According to the report, Erdogan is under intense political pressure to cancel security agreements with Israel. The Turkish military establishment, however, strongly opposes the idea of cutting security ties with Israel.

Erdogan has fiercely criticized Israeli for Monday's raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla, in which nine people, all Turkish citizens, were killed.



  1. Yes. I'm liking how creative people are getting to turn the tide against the iron grip of American/Israeli dominance.

  2. Then we have this:

    UN proposes former New Zealand PM head Gaza flotilla probe

    ----Senior officials at the Foreign Ministry said Israel should consider the idea favorably.
    Top officials in Jerusalem and European diplomats said Ban’s preliminary proposal, which he made in a phone call to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, does not precisely define the committee’s mandate. But it is certain to consider whether Israel’s takeover of the ship the Mavi Marmara contravened international law.

    Ban reportedly suggested that he appoint the committee’s chairman and suggested Palmer as a candidate.

    Senior government officials said the Foreign Ministry recommends responding favorably to establishing the committee because Turkey will probably oppose it.----

    It was in International Waters - piracy at the least, military assault in fact.

    The UN is shirking their duty!

    They Suck!

  3. Encouraging, though, to see there are people in Israel who don't agree with what their government is doing.


    And Sweden is joining in the boycott - although it should only end when Gaza and Palestine are free - not just for a week!

  4. I want to see Russia and China joining the boycott... because CLEARLY our country won't.

  5. Yes. I still have that in my sidebar.

  6. Maybe that's where I got it...


  7. George Galloway heatin' it up...


    DGPNorth aka Doug


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