06 June 2010

my inbox

[click image, image from Bippy, video from DGPNorth]


My inbox sometimes is an amazing thing.



  1. LOL, ain't that the truth 8)

    DGPNorth aka: Doug

  2. I am glad you distinguish yourself from the other Doug! It could get confusing as heck. :o)

  3. Yes, the reason I started posting using the anonymous profile is that I was tired of having to log into my blogger acct. everytime I posted.

    I refuse to allow 3rd party cookies on my box and don't allow page redirects on my browser so blogger goes crazy when I post and doesn't keep me logged in.

    DGPNorth aka Doug

  4. I scrupulously leave ONLY the Blogger and Google cookies on my box and then close up for everything else, and they no longer make me "uncloak" to make a comment, so you might be able to stay logged in now. I don't know if the page redirect thing is a prob for this, but if the cookies were the only thing, you could probably keep the third party cookies off now AND stay signed in. That's only been for the last couple months.

    If I want to go somewhere that demands cookies, I use a separate browser that is set to wipe them when I close the browser, and I close the browser after I look at whatever it is I want to see. I also dump the flash cookies everybody's using every couple minutes. Some pages have mastered a "cute" trick of bypassing your settings and planting their cookies anyway... it might be that they hang in some folder until you open your cookies again, but I catch them when I reboot and go to put the Blogger and Google cookies back.

    There's other stuff, and I try to keep current. If you don't have a way to wipe flash cookies, there's a link somewhere on my sidebar... for Mac people... but they do it for PC people too.


  5. Yea, firefox has an addon called
    BetterPrivacy that I use. Wipes the LSO cookies as soon as I close the browser.

    Another good one for firefox is Flash Block.

    Stops all flash apps. on sites and only plays them when you click on them.


  6. I stay on Safari, and use Firefox for the cookie dumping gig... so will use yer links to make that better. Apple is being slow to make Snow Leopard and the aps that work on it as impervious to this bullshit as their older OS versions. I've decided they are suffering from the downturn and WILL get to it when they have the manpower to spread over it again. I also stop going to sites that do that shit to me, no matter how much I otherwise like them. EVEN if their purposes are not dishonorable, ONLY wanting to make better decisions for their sites, or trying to not be robbed of ad revenue, I call bullshit on it all.

    This is the road to turning the tubes into everything wrong in our world... the road to "content providers" getting fleeced and so selling out and fleecing US. Leave it completely free, take off ALL the snooping shit, charge a flat fee for ads, FUCK DEMOGRAPHICS.

    I know, I know, don't bother to say it....

    I had a fantasy of finding some hacker genius to set me up to be completely impervious to all this shit, ANY snooping, but decided to just muddle through by being my ordinarily compulsively obstinate toward this action self until such time as I might actually have the wherewithal to get SERIOUS.

  7. I was being driven insane by the stupid Bing popups every time you moused over linked words. Couldn't figure out how to stop it in Firefox until I went to a tech chat room.

    I use the add-on "Add Block Plus". In that you set a rule to block IntelliTXT.

    Badabing - no more Bing popups!

    It turns out they are not Microsoft Bing, but rather an ad service that the web designers are using which accesses Bing search.

  8. You made me drop tears all over my keyboard by-the-way...

  9. Yup , four essential add-ons for firefox...

    AddBlock Plus

    All of them are very flexible and user friendly and won't break your browser (or even slow it down) just makes the shit bounce off it :p



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