19 June 2010

stringing us along

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Little puffs of vapors....



  1. If this turns into something, I'm expecting a slight retraction from you 99!

    Yeah, I'm not holding my breath either.

  2. No. We know going in that this isn't even a tenth of what they're supposed to do, Larry, and so EVEN in the EXTREMELY unlikely event that any prosecution whatever comes out of this, it won't even put a pimple on the face of this administration's perfidy. Snap out of it.

  3. So you think Obama was more treacherous then Bush?

    I had to look up perfidy.

  4. Yes. Actually, yes. Actually, waaaaaaay more.

  5. We're just going to agree to disagree at this point.


    You cannot be serious!

  6. I'm dead serious. Snap out of it... or pay attention... or....

  7. Tell me honestly:

    What do you think about Rand Paul?

  8. so then, who's your guy/gal to lead us out of this mess?


  9. Jeremiah Wright!

    Michael Parenti!

    Since, after all, sheep demand shepherding, it sort of serves them right to get these fascist fucks, but NOT the rest of the world, and CERTAINLY not its creatures. So those guys would be vastly better choices. Vastly.

  10. Minister Farrakhan!

    Norman Finkelstein!

    Someone with brains, heart, vision, COURAGE.


  11. No. For sure it's gotta be RUSSELL MEANS.

  12. Well, I'll be damned 99! Although you don't have a real name and I'm not sure whether that is your real picture or not, I agree with what Russell Means, (if that's his real name), says!

    And that's really the crux isn't it?

  13. True story:

    I once changed my name to my full name, (Larry R. Bergan), because an xray got mixed up with another Larry Bergan who was apparently in my doctors office.

    I have since changed it back because I thought the full name seemed arrogant to me.

    I really hate this crap!

  14. You busted me! I hired an actress to sit here and play me. Pose for the camera. I'm really a hairy old man who hasn't had a bath in six years.... I suffer from indian chief envy and hate effete...

    effete |iˈfēt|

    (of a person) affected, overrefined, and ineffectual : effete trendies from art college.

    • no longer capable of effective action : the authority of an effete aristocracy began to dwindle.

    politicians in the White House pissing on the Constitution and ignoring the well being of the people and the planet and murdering innocents for drill and profit. I'm a cranky old geezer who loves to cuss, call perfectly charming bathed-persons "murderating fucks"....

  15. And the crux is when someone's ACTIONS align with with their words... when their ACTIONS transcend mere words... when NOTHING could induce them to say one thing and do another.... All the men I listed qualify, while the president absolutely does not.

  16. Sorry, Larry, I deleted your last comment. I don't want your phone number and personal specs on my blog. I don't know what in the hell your problem is with names and screen names and giving out all your personal information... possibly you've been frightened by the lack of privacy in the surveillance state and lost it... whatever. Please don't publish your own or anyone else's personal data on my blog.

  17. I've just always believed that if people used their real names to comment on the internet there wouldn't be so many troublemakers and trolls. It's impossible to tell whats real anymore and I hate it.

    Obama has done at lot of bad things and I'm disheartened by them, but it's still not nearly as bad as the Bush years to me.

  18. Well, even with real names it would be nearly as bad in most ways. A lot of people use real-sounding names that aren't their own, aren't even similar to their own. This is actually prudent because anybody can look up your real name and find out entirely too much about you. Prospective employers can find out if they like the cut of your jib; friends and family members can be embarrassed or hurt by your online activities; stalkers can find you; all kinds of ugly and unfair uses by the same assholes you'd hoped to avoid by using your own name.

    It's the same as in the walking around world, though easier for people to be total jerks. You have to decide who to believe and who to trust anywhere you go and so you ought to just cool off about this point. Use your own gauge and call it good. Mindfuckers are everywhere.

    And I would consider it a big favor if you quit with the Obama stuff here. I don't want to hear that shit. There are plenty of places where people spend all day and night coming up with defenses for his indefensible shit and attempts at moral relativism, as though something about Obama is in any viable or consequential way better than Dubya.


    The ONE thing eternally better about Obama is that he is half black AND HE HAS NOTHING to do with that. NOTHING.

    So, please, this world is hurtful and exasperating enough without adding this partisan Obama utterly useless and actually dangerous relativism to it. You are welcome here, but that stuff REALLY makes me sick.

  19. I mean, maybe you don't GET it that such action is viscerally demoralizing to me. I get in bed and can't go to sleep for my heart pounding in my chest with apprehension for all sentient beings. I don't give a rats ass what ANYONE thinks of me, whether they believe me or not, like what I have to say or not, none of it. That's their own lookout. If you don't like my blog, you don't have to visit it! If you don't believe me, you just don't. Pft. There was no need to even ASK what you've asked on this thread, except the desire to antagonize me.

    It's okay with me if you are miffed about my view of Obama, but I don't want to waste my life on it. If you didn't get any insight into that by the blog itself, or my response to you on the matter so far, you've got your capacity for insight turned off!

    It's not even open for discussion as far as I'm concerned. Go down to the bottom of my page and click on "GENGHIS YOO" and there will be hundreds of bits of CLEAR evidence for my position on this.

    So, please, just drop this subject here. Partisan politics is POISON. If you like that stuff, sheesh, there are a million blogs where they lap that up. You can confabulate for the rest of time—which is, fortunately or unfortunately, not much longer—on that blather if you are so inclined. You're a free man, a grownup, and you're welcome to it... just NOT here, please.

  20. I'm not here just to antagonize you. Maybe your right about my being in denial, but we worked very hard to get the Democrats into power and I'm still hoping for something.

    I love your site. It's the most visually beautiful I've ever seen, but I'm upset that I can't even mention Obama here unless it's in a bad light. I bash the guy myself and I admit he hardly ever differentiates himself from the fascists.

  21. You don't have to bash him, and you don't have to defend him! If he does something solidly 100% righteous, I will probably beat you to the celebration of it. You don't have to give up hope. YOU DON'T HAVE TO TALK ABOUT OBAMA HERE! It isn't like it's needful in the slightest. There are a thousand other things to talk about! When/if there is something huge to say about him, THEN say it. Just PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stifle your expressions of Obama/Democratic-Fascist/political hope on this one blog. I can't take it.

    Thank you for your kind words.

  22. I'm sick TO DEATH of party politics! It's like having gotten such a lethal dose of it yonder for so many years, I think one more drop of it will make me start barfing and never stop. My blog is about beauty and truth and mind and courage and vision and heroes... and how they intersect with the horrors of this world. THIS IS A FASCIST COUNTRY! The politics are MOOT, and so infuriate anyone whose motive is to heal the hell.

  23. OK, I didn't fully understand the mission of this blog and it's certainly great that at least one place covers reals heroes. I can certainly understand why you would be burned out on partisan politics after being the webmaster [over] yonder.

    I was just looking off the the right of this comment and saw a quote by Cynthia McKinney. Indeed a hero!


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