25 June 2010

there is a big problem getting my phd in space lizardry

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YouTube has suspended the accounts of a bunch of guys that had uploaded the interviews and lectures I've been linking. I am upset. I am REALLY upset. I am gonna hope this all turns around, but, you know, how hope goes. This is yet another thing trying to yank me onto a whole nuther plane. I don't know if I have it in me anymore, but if I do, watch the fuck out.



  1. It was only a matter of time before they started to nix those Coast to Coast vids. Some of those channels had months of complete programming.

    Watched this one last night. It's from 2006 and if the guy is still around, I hope he's legit.

    Gordon Novel

  2. Well, most of the channels I knew about only put up interviews that were years old... sometimes six months or so... but never, except for the Hoagland thing about a tsunami in the Gulf, anything someone could call recent enough to cut into C2C's profitability. I know the people who run that aren't exactly "progressive" and capitalism seems pretty dear to their hearts, but they also seemed in general to want the best for the common man. Maybe THEY think it's all just entertainment, that there isn't anything in there that the world needs to consider, but that just pisses me off even more.

    AND it leaves off having to rely more on people like Kerry Cassidy, who is a flaming maniac with an agenda and given to claiming abilities and insights of which she is BLATANTLY incapable. Yes. She is a LIAR, on top of being outrageously intrusive and not often in a manner that gets the best information. She's a CLASSIC example of the Hollywood pit viper with NO morals. So being forced to go to her channel, let alone website, to suss out the good bits is mortifying at best and DANGEROUS to most.

    Her former partner, while I think pretty deluded about an awful lot, on the other hand, is darn moral, far less given to putting up with charlatans and mindfuckers, and so a decent alternative, but should NOT be the only one!

    Jesus fuck. I'm REALLY pissed off.

    I don't know where to come down on the matter of Gordon Novel. I hope he's legit, too, but where/what is that movie he was talking about, and it's pretty clear that he USED to be an untrustworthy fucker... who has maybe gotten religion... and I don't mean his God thing. I think he's too easy with the whole space aliens angle, and it may be that he realizes it is a good way to keep the "controllers" off his ass, and it doesn't appear to me that he meant any of that in the interview except to placate Kerry, and her followers. The ONE bit that he threw in there that indicated to me that he might be for real was his praise of Joseph Farrell's work, but over all, I think the guy gave her the interview to COOL the opposition, OR simply to bask in the aged glory of his connections. That was on his mind in a big way. He started right out saying he wasn't going to name any of these people because he didn't need the ego trip of publicly associating himself with them, and then went right on ahead and did it without batting an eyelash.

    Not a good sign.

    But, yes, I too hope he's legit.

  3. I think the problem with the C2C vids is that their site has archives all the way back to 2002. Only available to subscribers. I wonder if they would allow rebroadcasting if the tubers wouldn't cut out the commercials :p

  4. Advertisers won't pay more for archives with commercials. Making people pay for material that old is antithetical to the welfare of all sentient beings, not likely to enrich C2C measurably more and it's just flat fucked up to keep them off YouTube after they're any older than three, at the MOST six, months old... and in some cases AT ALL.

    The only way they get the paid subscriptions is to give it without commercials, so I can understand the need to keep those costing something for a reasonable time, but beyond that, nope. Fucked up. Against living things.

  5. I agree completely. C2C is a nightly show, one shouldn't have to subscribe to anything even a week old. Makes me want to stay up late and call in to ask if they had anything to do with the tube turfin' :p

  6. "Tube turfin'"?

    You mean suspending all those accounts? Can't be ANY doubt of that.


  7. Actually, I take that back. More like, can't be MUCH doubt of that.

  8. I listened to the Gordon Novel link...I can't buy it. This mook actually said that the CIA aren't murderers...I'm not saying everything he said was a lie, but that CIA lie makes him lose credibility with me.

  9. Yes. That one was pretty hard to take. There IS however, as certain ex-CIA people INSIST, a certain split, a sort of schizophrenia in the agency. There are the guys at Langley who fit more into Novel's assessment and then there are the guys out doing the "wet work"... the NOCs. So I didn't let that part bother me too much. He said a bunch of stuff about the Kennedy assassinations that didn't sit well. He really went off down the garden path with the space aliens and time machine stuff. I'm bothered about him waving off Tesla that way... bullshit... and his statement that it's not the torsion in space-time but the time torsion that provides the energy. That really is making me think he's full of shit. I mean, far as I know, NOBODY has separated those two [space and time] and a bunch of guys have come upon this stuff in their garages, and the Nazi Bell, and the fact that "they" have EVERYTHING Tesla did and tried to do, and ANYONE knowledgeable about this stuff wouldn't wave him off like that. They might knock him out on different grounds, but not like that.

    So I'm leaning too far toward bullshit artist the longer I think about it.

  10. Yes...Him dismissing Tesla's work caught my attention too.

    I'm gonna find a John Perkins video to wash this Novel guy out of my consciousness...Novel wasn't a wasted hour and a half though, he helped hone my bullshit detector.

  11. Well, I think DGPNorth linked us to it because he knows I'm interested in this physics and, of course, the state of it. He DID say he hoped Novel was legit and I hope he's legit... but he doesn't SOUND legit after you give it some consideration.

    I'm chuffed about this loss of C2C interviews with the wizards of space lizardry because, for me anyway, that was much more productive than wading through Kerry Cassidy's mountain of stuff to get down to the good parts. I'm too damn blind to deal with most of these guys' freakish websites and most of them want you to afford to buy their books, and, aaaaaaaagh!

    I'm really mad!

    They so totally handicapped my ability to race to the top of this heap!

  12. I love John Perkins... but he's got his own bullshit. He's CLEARLY doing everything he can to atone for his nefarious deeds in the past, but he's also trying hard to make a buck on the New Agers....

    I shouldn't be so damn critical... but so much depends on us waking up.... coming together and waking up... that these sorts of spiritual errors really get to me. Not as though everybody doesn't have them, but it is so totally past time we did better getting OVER them.

  13. I'm not knocking DGP...or am I saying that Novel was totally full of it. sharing this stuff is what needs to be done.

    Novel has little to offer me...I thank DGP for linking him. I mean I did listen to the whole vid.

  14. Better than listening to SHR curse his way through two hours of rehashing pretty much what he'd already said in his posts on the blowout. Imagine! Somebody too foul-mouthed for me.... Hard to fathom after so many years around loggers and lawyers. Yipes!



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