25 June 2010

this thing has really sped up

[click image]


I held off on the "spill" [blowout] obsessing for a few days and so the difference today is scary. It's coming out MUCH faster. It's coming out MUCH faster. Use yer eyes.


And, uhm, the surf is fizzing in Pensacola....

Maybe I'm just being too prissy, too outta practice listening to the masters of foul language and disgusting metaphor... maybe I should try to go back and listen more carefully to SHR. I could cut him some slack for being so angry he can't hold it back. In fact, maybe it's guys bellowing like him that would get everybody up to smack down these fiends ruining the entire world.



  1. OUD's Link - Sheesh! Unfuckinreal ... or not!

  2. Tropical storm to form tomorrow and move Northwest into the gulf. Fleet attending the leak may have to leave, pulling the cap off and letting er rip full force into the gulf!

  3. I know. I'm speechless.

    The ONLY thing we seem to be able to rely on is that things will get more EVIL and sociopathic by the day....

    I think the Death Star has come close enough in its millennial orbit and it's going to be outright chaos until the cataclysm wipes out 99% of us and the monster has finally passed.

    I mean, WHAT else explains it all?



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