08 June 2010

too tame condemnation of progressives

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But makes some good points.

I know! I know! Hey! Write in Bert Lahr on your ballots today!

Here, pretend your moral outrage productively.



  1. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!

    great article

  2. I love to pull hairs out of the cats mouth! You? ~p

    Wanna Buy Som WhiSkaZ? ~p

  4. I voted hard core. Official write in... Hope the scanner got it. Should be at least one vote for So when this fuckwad NWO connected (e.g. CARBON TAXER/OATH BREAKING/UN/UNEP/IMF/TREATY SUC'N,TITTY-SMOKING, R vs D finally whacks' your fuckin' heads the side up'd your heads your going to finally realize what I been saying, what I been saying. Nadia B. Smalley should have ONE VOTE . Motherfuckers!!! ~p

  5. wanna look at my ballot notes?

  6. Global warming? Fine. Cold Winters? Fine. But at least hear what I am saying. the truth is you really don't wanna look at my fucking ballot notes. I swear. It's so simple. EVEN GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND Let me tell you I decided not by D,R,L,I,P,G,Waaajtever . I did specific searches, and cache exploitations to grep up the ultimately most in your face information which I reversed of course to figure the motives.

    I now would appreciate a ballot from the SOS which sorts the candidates by AIPAC, CFR, TC, UN (We need to FILTER it), UNEP, IMF (Banksters?) And the phucking Gun Grabbers vs Open Carry, not one of these tards has ever had to live off the land FUCK YOU ALL! -p


  7. it all actually makes sense if you do the research. sadly by the time I figured it out twas too late. I won't post it but I hope ur not mad 99

  8. I'm mad at the government and the harpies who run for office.

    I think we should spend our energy on people worth our time. Go in and vote for Bert Lahr, and then get back about making a better world.

  9. a delirium of deceptions
    meatgrinder of delusions
    plethora of color
    fuck black and white

    is that a un, haiqu?

  10. My ballot looked nasty.. agw's x'd off. ;o) I tell you the answer aint no global nothin. F that. I might need to change party?

  11. Oh yeah I loved the RT's reality check. But apparently nobody else is awake?

    Fuck it I said enough


  12. who non UN -- Pro US will run? wtf brainfartstinkage stink ballots (into the machines still.)
    watch out now. Eugenics Yeahhhh... Death. Raaaaaa Cancer, Gangs, PoPo, YoYo
    ? False flag. Obey your oath!


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