21 June 2010

the upside of global cataclysm

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So here we get the news that Icelandic whalers consider themselves farmers. Good one. I'd like to go inspect their barns and feed silos, wouldn't you? If we have created a global holocaust with this mess in the Gulf, or if our efforts to ignite WWIII are successful, the upside is definitely going to be that what might possibly remain here of humanity will not have the means for any more industrial slaughter. That can only be seen as a plus for all sentient beings.

There is NOTHING wrong with hunting for food. There is EVERYTHING wrong with continuing to hunt beings to extinction.

I don't care WHAT is your heritage or custom, it IS NOT a waiver for this bottom line.



  1. Scratching my head over this one...

    They ignore the current ban, killing at will, but if it is made legal and low limits are set, they will reduce their kill?

    How exactly does that work?

  2. It's all claptrap. Lightless fucks. Only good thing about it is it will make the end seem so much less cruel.


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