05 June 2010

we're not the only ones they brainwash

[click image, much worked on daguerreotype]


I was just reminded by Old Uncle Dave of how snippets of information you don't even think you see or hear become embedded in your consciousness anyway. We're all pretty damn good at seeing it in, say, an AP piece that has anything to do with Iran. They never fail to mention that the West believes Iran is trying to build a nuke, but very frequently fail to mention that Iran denies it, or any other intensely salient facts surrounding that outrageous bit they stick in everywhere they can. The same thing is true whenever almost anyone is talking about Putin. You almost never even see his name without his old KGB employment mentioned near it... as though this, of itself, is all the proof anyone would ever need to believe heart and soul that Putin is the devil himself, going to do bad evil every chance he gets.

Yer kid could hear somebody say that one table over at MacDonald's, catch the tone, and right there be stamped with the certainty that someone named Putin is a rat fink people like us don't want to abide. Or it might not even be a kid. It could be any one of millions of dirt ignorant Americans hearing the authority of that tone, that audible sneer at the letters K-G-B and take it into their heads that that Russian guy is evil, evil, evil. No clue who he is, what he's done, what the KGB was, none of it, but that dire tone sends the name "Putin" into enemy space in their brains... when they didn't even know they were listening!

How much the more so when, say, Barbara Walters is blathering it in the background on The View over the beauty parlor tv? Or while you're channel surfing on your car radio, looking for some goddam music between the incessant talk shows... stuff you think is shit to begin with still flows into your brain when you don't even know yer paying attention! In fact, if you were paying attention you stood a chance of recognizing it as bunk, or looking it up and thinking about it to decide if it was bunk. It's bad enough when it's coming in neutral, let alone from ANYONE who might remotely be deemed an authority figure, someone higher up the food chain than you are. For most people, this includes anyone with a job in the mainstream media... even if they are from "the other side".

You don't seem to understand that your mind is a couple bajillion times smarter than you are and sucks up information you don't even know you "know" until it is waaaaaay too late.

Same with the space lizards in Washington, D.C.


I am very staunchly going to bed, and going to will myself to dream of Rachel Corrie's smile, just cry in my sleep for how the people aboard her namesake must be feeling as they defy the Israeli warships trailing them into Gaza. I can't stay up all night bashing my fear and loathing against every surface in my house again.

It doesn't fix anything.



  1. Another perfect example is the oil leak - they keep trumpeting the volume of the leak based on surface observations. Granted they have recently raised the amounts, but the underwater plumes are never mentioned.

    Today the Sacramento Bee had a rather extensive article on the leak - over three page columns worth between the front and back pages.

    Not once was it mentioned of the dispersant use and the underwater plumes created by such use!

    I must admit total surprise, as against my prediction of last night, right on the front page, above the fold, three columns wide, 1/3 page high was a photo of a brown pelican, wings expanded, dripping with oil as it faced the incoming oil drenched waves. Not the exact picture I envisioned, but effective.

  2. Here:




    (But then you'll probably tell me you've already been there - you know how you are!)


  3. Oooooo! Some good wuwu stuff for my late night adventures! THANKS!


  4. Oh cool - something you haven't seen!

  5. I've downloaded the Awaken As One videos, waiting for the next three to come out. I still need to watch them - they look good from the quick once over I gave them.

  6. I went back to my Hopi post and linked the spider woman image to the spider woman article - forgot to do that when I made to post.

  7. The arrows are better now - they look like they are going somewhere, not already arrived.

  8. Do you think I should keep them? I'm thinking I should keep them. Just using the dots to break up the chunks of the posts was disappearing, not staying noticeable enough to draw the distinction I was after, but the arrows are harder to miss! I couldn't get them to go exactly the size I wanted without the image coming up very weird. There are other things I can try if this incarnation doesn't cut it.

  9. High temps + late snow melt = flood warnings on the Merced in Yosemite tomorrow through Tuesday!

  10. I just added a link to an interview with Rachel Corrie's parents to this post.

  11. Here's a link to similar event in progress...

    The Great Gathering

    And here's an inspiring video from awhile back...

    The girl that shut the lizards up for 5 minutes


  12. Thanks for the great links DGPN....

  13. Your quite welcome, and good morning to you :)

    On a side note, I think I figured out why my links weren't displaying properly the other day.

    It seems that when you paste a url after the = sign in the comment box, depending on the amount of charaters in the address it sometimes drops the whole url to the next line.



    When that happens , it doesn't seem to display properly. The only way I could get it to work when that happens is to split the url up until the point where backspacing fits the the begining of the url onto the first line.

    DGPNorth aka. Doug 8)

  14. Good morning! And, yes, odd, it is still certifiably morning and I'm up! What a concept.

    I think the commenting gig here is persnickety about browsers and other exotic computer settings. It has fits where it doesn't let some comment at all and other fits where the comments don't show up until some mystical moment not immediately subsequent to posting... all sorts of fun things. It finally stopped insisting one's cookies be open, at least for people logged into Blogger, but it's still weird.

    If this remains a problem for you, you could do the tiny url gig to make the links really short.


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