29 June 2010


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I am VERY happy to hear this. It means to me Russia isn't going to stand back and let Israel and the United States just whale on Iran without a fight. I'm not kidding, this is SO psychedelic, SO sociopathological, that if we keep it up I am going to have to hope with all my heart that we get turned into powder by Russia and China and Iran. I would PREFER it, of course, that the American PEOPLE stood up and put a stop to it, but I'll take whatever humanity can get.


We are causing all this death and mayhem in the Middle East and everywhere we can and using every foreign and domestic contractor we can because it keeps the need for other countries to use petrodollars high, which keeps our currency from tanking despite our COMPLETELY profligate "management" of our economy. The holders of vast reserves of the dollar, China foremost among them, are pretty much forced to go along with it or lose huge sums when their reserves become worthless.

Makes you proud, doesn't it?

But I believe both China and Russia will abandon that if we attack Iran.... Maybe I only hope it now, where I truly believed it before. Everyone better hope it or the slaughter will continue unabated until the proverbial cows come home to their smoking ruins barns.


And this "Russian spy" crap is outta hand. First, it's not EVEN as much as the Israelis and the Turks have been doing for decades, and second, it's not really any more than people trained to set up a successful lobby... IF any of it is even true at ALL... and we SO can't bank on THAT.

The fact that Medvedev is here with Obama and Bubba is there with Putin at this very moment of "spy" arrests, is beyond suspicious behavior. It creeps me out big time.




  1. I wanna see the Russian and Chinese navy on the Iranian coast.

    Here's another hero for ya!


    The skank interviewer could hardly talk fast enough to shut him up LOL! He really starts cookin' in the second and third clip.

  2. Me too, Doug, me too.

    And thanks for the link.


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