09 July 2010

46 warships and 7,000 marines to costa rica?

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|| - To my knowledge at the present time, Costa Rica is not suffering from any "humanitarian" crisis.

|| - The article did not make it clear what sort of "humanitarian missions" might take place.

|| - The article did not mention where any "humanitarian mission" might take place.

|| - Based on the truly horrific, drug crime related slaughters we have witnessed in Mexico, wouldn't it be better conducting these kinds of heavy weapon "anti-narcotics operations" in northern Mexico?

|| - With what is probably the world's worst environmental disaster going on right now in the Gulf of Mexico, surely it would be more appropriate to conduct "humanitarian missions" in the Gulf?

|| - Or, could these crucial warships and the 7,000 US Marines be fleeing from something far more dangerous that is about to happen in the Gulf of Mexico?

|| - The article did not make it clear whether these vessels would be patrolling off the Pacific or Atlantic coast but either way, is it possible they are on their way to Venezuela? Either as a show of force or something more serious?

|| - Does anyone know if any of these ships carry nuclear weapons?



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