16 July 2010


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Evidently the pundits are finally being pushed to the point of speaking out on the air.

This is the first time I've had confirmation of any of the other "leaks" first found, I believe, by NOAA satellite images a few weeks ago. It came out in a big flurry and then... and then... silence. Stone silence.

A human on the MSM telling the truth... about it all, including about the methane death in store for so many...?

You should maybe mark the date or something. This might be the very last time you hear the truth on tv... OR it could be the first time in such a long time because finally the stakes are so high and the outlook so bleak that people FINALLY are forgetting their paychecks to pipe up.


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  1. While following various video links originating from your link here I came across the following bizarre video.

    I'll be damned if Deepwater Horizon isn't on that Waco/Miami line!


  2. The really nutty part is that all these phantasmagorical notions are more cogent than what is put out by the dominant paradigm. We're trained to view them as goofy and dismiss them. They may BE goofy, but they are STILL more cogent than mainstream, AND anyone who tries that hard to make some sort of sense of the brutally apparent theft of our nation is also a radically better human than most.

    These are things I think everyone should start looking at, because it would lead to people actively working to put SENSE in charge of our activities on this earth.

    It's probably already too late, but it will CERTAINLY be if we don't wake up.

  3. I've been trying to find something more on this other hole that Matt Simmons talks of.

    So far all I've found are references to Simmons.

    I have seen things in the past regarding another nearby leak, put am coming up empty now.

    Still looking.

  4. I do find stuff on a "possible" leak from #23051, but nothing one would describe as a Massive Hole

  5. (Platform #23051) that is...

  6. Yes. There WAS info extant on three to five other "leaks" for a day or two before it all got ripped down. THAT is what made me give up on making the ultimate Gulf Blowout sidebar extravaganza! The fascist fucks....

    I know everybody WANTS to believe they've stopped it SO badly that it will be pissing in the wind to insist there is EVERY reason to believe it's all baldfaced lies... but, between you, me and dat lamppost over there... well... this has NOT been stopped. The damage is MASSIVE beyond even what we imagine, and VERY apt to get radically worse than that.

    They wouldn't stand for another day of their stock price in the toilet. So they did what it takes. Fuck all the creatures and innocent people who die horribly on their account. Just fuck 'em. They're too dumb and lazy to lynch the perps. So fuck 'em.

  7. Too dumb and lazy to lynch the perps and takeover the cleanup and enlist the expertise to get some kind of handle on the blowout and its cousins and its future generations.


  8. Still, leave us never be too depressed to realize that at least ONE man got on the MSM and hollered out the truth for everyone. DON'T ever forget that love is the only thing in the cosmos, no matter how much mindfucking screams otherwise. It isn't enough on which to base hope. BUT IT IS THE TAO AND IT'S NEVER GONE. It appears we will extinctify ourselves and just about everything else with us, but THAT remains ALL.


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