19 July 2010

Да здравствует Путин и Медведев

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New powers given to Russia's security agency
Mon Jul 19, 10:37 am ET

MOSCOW – The upper house of Russia's parliament on Monday passed a bill granting expanded powers to the country's main security agency, a move that critics say echoes the era of the Soviet KGB.
Can't HELP but wonder WHO those critics might be.
The bill, which now goes to President Dmitry Medvedev to be signed into law, would allow the Federal Security Service to issue warnings to people suspected of preparing to commit crimes against Russia's security.
As opposed to here, where they're just picked up and thrown in the slammer with no charges and no habeas rights... for DRILL and for PR—after much encouragement and entrapment by agents who do the lion's share of preparing to commit crimes against the United States—who ARE of themselves crimes against the United States—more than anything close to EVIDENCE.
Human rights and democracy activists say this power could be used to intimidate government opponents and stifle protests.
Oh, GREAT! Now we get to add "human rights" to "democracy" as code for FASCISM. Fuck. And "stifle protests"? You're kidding me, right? Right?
"This law is targeted against the opposition ... It's a draconian law which is unprecedented in the world and is reminiscent of our repressive past," Boris Nemtsov, a leader of the opposition Solidarity movement, was quoted as saying by the news agency Interfax.
Oh, fuck you, Boris. Which oligarch's dick are you sucking? Or are you just casting about for one to suck?
The security service is the main successor agency to the KGB.
But not in the same way as the CIA was the successor to the OSS, not by a long shot.
The bill was approved by the upper house by a vote of 121-1. The sole vote against was cast by the house's speaker, Sergei Mironov, who said he had was apprehensive about the measure.
I'm not going to automatically suspect Sergei's motives. He might have worried it wasn't strong enough or he might have worried it was too iffy, too listing toward congruence with the West's desire to keep up this filthy ruse that has enslaved and murdered so many humans already.
Opposition groups frequently are denied permission to hold rallies or are allowed to hold them only in out-of-the-way neighborhoods. Riot police often break up unsanctioned rally attempts swiftly and brutally.
Not unlike we do here, only THEY have the constant threat of the fascists backing the opposition to keep tamped down. As you well know, the fascists' shtick is very hard for your basic man-on-the-street to see through, to his immortal detriment, and that of all living things.
The bill has raised doubts about President Dmitry Medvedev's commitment to promoting full-fledged democracy and freedom of expression. Medvedev often has spoken of instituting judicial and police reforms, and has taken a less hard line on many issues than his predecessor Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent and later head of the FSB.
Just replace the word "democracy" with "fascism" and "freedom of expression" with "fully hypnotized" and you have the gist of what's really being said here. And, AGAIN, the crap about Putin being a scary ass KGB agent in the Soviet era, when he was about the equivalent of Ray McGovern at the CIA.
Putin is now prime minister and many see his intolerance of dissent as influencing the Kremlin.
Putin has shown a marked intolerance for FASCISM, and the "many" who see that intolerance as a bad thing are the fascists he's preventing from full exploitation of his people and his homeland.
But Medvedev, when asked at a news conference last week about the proposed law, testily responded that the country has "the right to improve its own legislation."
The measure was introduced a few weeks after the March double suicide bombings on the Moscow subway system that killed 40 people. One of the bombers hit the Lubyanka subway station, beneath the headquarters of the security service.
Which points to the intensification of the perfidies the fascists are willing to commit—like their Jundullah guys against the Iranians keeping them out—and so would seem to make this GENTLE measure seem the more prudent, even if no one would have thought it optimal without these VICIOUS SOCIOPATHS trying to take over the world.




  1. "In the Dugout"

    The fire beats in the tiny hearth,
    Resin shines on the wood like a tear,
    An accordion sings about love,
    And your eyes and your smile reappear.

    The trees have whispered of you to me,
    In the snow-white plains of Moscow,
    Oh, my love, if it only could be,
    If you heard me here singing alone.

    You are far, far away at this hour.
    Snows between us and winter's hard breath.
    To rejoin you is not in my power,
    Though just four steps divide me from death.

    Sing, accordion, mocking the storm,
    Call back joy, drive off sorrow and doubt.
    In the cold of the dugout I 'm warm
    For the fire of our love won't go out.

    Reminds me of the Ice-palace at Varykino

  2. I haven't had any more dreams of stalking Putin. I kind of miss him! :-P

  3. I haven't had any more dreams of stalking Putin. I kind of miss him! :-P

    Do you think he was speaking English when he was cursing out GWB at the Beijing Olympics 8)

  4. Abso-frickin'-lutely. He speaks impeccable English. I know this because he has spoken to me now, twice. He told me very sweetly the last time that I have to stop sneaking into his room or the guards will become unpleasant. So I can't go back until he asks. :o)

  5. lol , well, not knowing whether GWB would know the difference. I kinda think he said something to him in Russian. In a real low whisper 8)

  6. Woulda been water off old Dub's back if it was in Russian. I think Putin meant to nail his ass on the spot and did. In English. They didn't think he'd leave the Olympics to go smash Saakashvili. They were wrong, the murderating fucks.

  7. Yes, your probably right. I'll never forget the look on ole Georgie boys face when that happened :p

    It was also the day I phoned up my satellite provider and canceled my CNN feed. The woman who took my call then asked me if I wanted FOX News instead LOL.

    I watched most of that skirmish on RT. The difference in reporting was like night and day. It was pathetic.

  8. It drives me NUTS trying to get that EXACT point across to people here. RT is FABULOUS up next to anything we've got here. I'm sad al Jazeera's got so far down the rathole. I think RT will hold up better.

  9. Well, there's still the
    Asia Times

    I like Pepe Escobar

  10. Pepe pissed me off, big time, in the so-called Green Revolution last year. He was sooooo far off the beam on that one that I don't trust him anymore, but he was darn likable before that. I also hate the Asia Times for their fucking ad blitzing and blinking. I have to use a special reader not to get thrown into an epileptic seizure on that page. So I usually only go when it's urgent.

  11. THIS, by the way, is the place you want to go when you want to get solid info on the Iran situation. I beat my brains in getting to the bottom of that mess and these guys are the ones whose stuff ALWAYS checks out 100%. NONE of that stupid liberal ideology blocking their view of the real landscape. Some pretty heavy hitters went down on that one. This NWO mindfucking is NOT for the faint of heart, and it's the Olympics for anyone wishing to scour every dreamy-ass mental error out of their skinbag.

  12. [... that would be me ...]


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