15 July 2010

chill with me

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I found the perfect background music for my rumbling stomach. I'm going to put myself into a reclining position and just let go.


Finally drifted into the nap I've needed for a whole week now. This station REALLY does it for me. It's a keeper for sure. Beset by every incarnation of sleep disorder already, these middle of the night disasters end up subtracting the more. I don't think I go into Phase Four or REM when I'm so wiped. I think I just sink to Phase Three and stay there, a flipping and smothering contortionist with no consciousness at all, until some biorhythmic convergence gives the all clear for the restorative kind of sleep at last. I was dreaming of needing a color code and it was needing to be an impenetrable black with a very dark but still brilliant green streak in it. I'd've made you a representation of it but I can't seem to make that green happen... and if I ever do, maybe I can also get the depth into the black... and if ever I get it perfect for you, I have this feeling it will be too abstract to say itself to you.


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