21 July 2010

clean their clocks

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Nail 'em to the wall. Hand their asses to 'em on a platter. Deck 'em. Mow 'em down.

Fuck yeah.



  1. Ahh for the good old pre-Reagan days when "men in white coats" responded to such situations, not heavily armed pigs.

  2. Ah for the good old pre-Reagan days when Medical Clinics responded to emergencies like this! I called them on the Friday morning that I awoke with TERRIFYING photophobia. I had to put on my sunglasses and hold my hand at my brow to walk past the WINDOW to get to the bathroom. IT HURT! IT WAS SUDDEN. IT WAS SCARY. And the woman who answered my call said, "Sorry, they're all in a meeting today. Call back Monday." I shit you not. Had I dialed 911 the fuckers woulda come and TASERED ME for not acting right.

  3. There have been several cases around here leading to the death of people suffering psychotic episodes. Some with tasers, others with bullets.

  4. Which is WHY my advocacy for turning the pigs to pig paste... and after that we can arm their replacements with guns that only shoot love rays.

    Fucking hell. Paste the fuckers and start over.

  5. Previously:

    The kids found a shack in the woods, the door was held shut with a brace from the outside. The kids speculated what was inside and finally opened the door letting out the Ekert. A creature which instantly turned the girl with the dark hair into a sweet nice person. (She has always been mean and conniving.)

    Our story picks up here:


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  6. Megaconglomecorp will pull it out....

    We KNOW that much....


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