25 July 2010

a hero

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I know one thing for sure:
Venezuela threatens oil cut to US
SUNDAY, JULY 25, 2010 | 23:51 MECCA TIME, 20:51 GMT

Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's president, has threatened to cut off oil exports to the United States if US-allied Colombia launches a military attack against his country.

"If there was any armed aggression against Venezuela from Colombian territory or from anywhere else, promoted by the Yankee empire, we would suspend oil shipments to the United States even if we have to eat stones here," Chavez said on Sunday.

He added that he had cancelled a trip to Cuba because he had intelligence revealing that "the possibility of an armed aggression against Venezuelan territory from Colombia" was higher than it has been "in 100 years".

Chavez, a leftist and vocal critic of the United States, broke off diplomatic relations with Colombia last week over claims by the outgoing Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, a close US ally, that his country harbours Colombian rebels.

'Bogus show'

Uribe had said that top commanders of the rebel Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or Farc, have taken refuge in Venezuela and were launching attacks against Colombian troops.

The Colombian government had presented photos, videos and maps of what it said were Colombian rebel camps inside Venezuela to the Organisation of American States.

Chavez has dismissed the accusations as a bogus show intended to smear his government and has said that Uribe could be trying to lay the groundwork for an armed conflict with Venezuela.

The Colombian government denies seeking a conflict and says it went to OAS with its evidence about the rebels last week because Chavez's government had not taken steps to address the situation.

The United States threw its support behind its key ally Colombia, calling Chavez's decision to sever diplomatic relations and put border troops on alert "a petulant response" to Bogota's accusations.
You have to be the stupidest or the most courageous person around to be the president of any Latin American country. I'm going with dirt stupid for Uribe and most courageous for Chávez... a damn hero. Too bad we have one of the evil step-sisters posing as Cinderella for ours.

This does not bode well. It might be our next excuse for not attacking Iran. I don't care about the military drills in Korea. We're amassing ships in Costa Rica. They can be through the Panama Canal and on top of Venezuela in a heartbeat.

The Chinese have openly let it be known they see through us, and too many pinheads think war is the only thing that reverses the financial wreckage they purposefully wrecked. It KILLS millions and it makes TRILLIONS for trillionaires.

So. Wake up.


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