28 July 2010

i miss him

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Selfish and stupid is waaaaaaaaay less lethal than selfish and smart.
Just as their once-comatose party shows some color in its cheeks again, its old doctors are back in the ward. Former President George W. Bush and his corral of Texas-based surrogates are preparing to flood the airwaves in anticipation of his new memoir, another step in a carefully crafted rehabilitation strategy. The publication date of Bush's Decision Points is set for early November, one week after the congressional elections. But, as with any likely bestseller, the details of the book are certain to leak out earlier—meaning the Bush years could be re-litigated and re-explored during the final, pivotal weeks of the campaign.

... "Monumentally bad timing" was the reaction of one former Bush aide who learned of the book release date. Another prominent conservative compared the Bushies' public-relations savvy to LeBron James. "Selfish and stupid" was another noted right-wing columnist's reaction.
I'm sick of people telling me how much nicer it is to have a president who isn't so humiliating.

I go: Oh! Fucking fine if he's a murderating fuck who shits all over the Constitution and lets the corporate big boyz run our country, just as long as he doesn't SEEM like a stupid clown. I prefer the honesty of the last filthy murderating fuck, thank you.

I never thought for a heartbeat I'd ever hear myself say it, but, there. I said it.


And this is part of the reason why....

Another part, of course, would be the part about all the innocents he's slaughtering in their sleep. Yet another would be how, while not sounding as belligerent by half as Dubya or Fudd, his actions have been at least twice as belligerent toward the rest of the world....

Not to mention US.

Why doesn't he just go do backup tambourine for McCartney and call it a day?

Impeach the fucker.



  1. I think of it on a somewhat different note.

    The same lizards that put GWB in the White House are the same ones that are tryin' to keep the nihilistic Nero there. There are no

    Democrat/Republican candidates that the lizards choose to do their bidding, just a cesspool of bootlickin' whores.

  2. Well, I catch yer drift for sure, but, upon serious reflection, I honestly have to say I prefer the too stupid not to be honest about it bootlicking whores to the more intelligent smooth bootlickers.

  3. Yes, indeedy, it do. THIS is precisely why I say it was better when it was old shit fer brains. He wasn't smart enough to be covert enough... actually ending up being MORE honest because of it. Despicable to find oneself needing to take a gander at such distinctions, but, well, there you have it.


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