20 July 2010

i missed the trillium

[click image]


But I did not miss the beading of the bead lilies. I am a forest creature. An ocean/forest creature. A redwood forest creature. The wildflowers here are more beautiful than anything we've tamed for our gardens. The sublime scent of trillium, so subtle you must be determined not to miss it, is probably the rarest aroma in the enlightened perfumer's store. It levitates whatever can smell it. The bead lilies are always near the trillium here. I wonder if the scent of the trillium blues the beads on the lilies. I wonder if I could just run naked deep into the forest and never come back out.

Heh... THIS seems to have been done by some guy who started his camera about a half a mile from my house and then turned it on in a few spots in the first half hour drive south from there. He missed ALL the giants. What a putz.

Here's a half-hour playlist on redwoods....

I'm not kidding about the wildflowers either. Look here or here or here to see just some of them. And in both the spring and in the fall the headlands erupt with gillions more. Blow your mind. Blow. Your. Mind.



  1. The forest around my parent's A-frame cabin in Door County was carpeted with trilliums and columbines with an occasional patch of lady's slippers!

  2. Columbine is so pretty. 86 and I had them in huge planters on our front deck. They're so elegant... in such an unpretentious way....


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