30 July 2010

i stared and stared and stared and stared

[click image]


Why does this gorgeous guy look so damn familiar to me? I was tossing everything piled in my attic in my effort to identify this guy. I mean, he is seeeeeriously familiar to me. Must be a movie star. That mouth. All of it. I know this fellow and if I know him, I can find him and ascertain if he is a wealthy socialist who just wears a ring on his wedding finger to throw women off the scent.

Well, after I finally just gave it up as a completely silly exercise, it hit me: He's rx's well-groomed twin brother.

Too much to hope, I suppose, that he could possibly be as smart....


You can't possibly know how badly I want to fly back in time and prevent those murders, the ache that seems to come from everywhere and continue into infinity from my burning nostrils. No way to say it impeccably enough to give you the hem of that garment. I can hear my teacher's voice disparaging my save-the-world urges. I will never get it done until I drop them. I'm pretty sure of that.


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