10 July 2010

if yer wonderin' what keeps me clinging to the coast

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You should know that I tend to start thinking someone's beaming the sun at me through a magnifying glass when it hits about 74° out.


The weather readings at this link are not going to hold in the hot hot hot hot hot zone except if you chance upon this post in a similar weather pattern. Ukiah has not gotten as horrifically hot as forecast this week... neither has Sacramento... seems all our heat is preferring to just go sit over the Eastern half of the country. They're welcome to it... especially in DC. I think it would be optimal to raise the ambient temperature of Washington DC to, say, two hunnert and twenty degrees.... Not for long. Just long enough to boil 'em all alive while we get about putting this planet back into some reasonable approximation of healthy... dreaming... dreaming... dreaming....



  1. Wow, the temperature shot up pretty far in just the last hour though. Ukiah is scheduled to get into the hunnerts this week.


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