29 July 2010

i'm driving home tonight

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God fucking dammit. I'm going home tonight.

Maybe I'll explain later.



  1. Drove 200 miles to see Ten Years After in Chicago - right after they released I'd Love to Change The World.

    The place was like a huge gym - no seats or bleachers. About 3,000 people crammed on the floor.

    5 absolutely crappy bands before TYA. About 7 hours of sore butts and broken ear drums before Alvin and crew took the stage.

    By the time they were halfway through their first song the crowd was screaming "Play I'm Going Home" so loud you could hardly hear the band. People were climbing on the stage and being thrown back into the audience by the bouncers.

    After the first song the band left the stage and the MC came out and talked the crowd down over about a half hour or so.

    Then the band came back out and started to play "I'd Love To Change the World" - the song I totally wanted to hear, but the crowd again went crazy screaming for "I'm Going Home" again and climbing back on the stage. Halfway through "I'd Love..." they stopped, Alvin leaned into the mike and said "Alright God Dammit! Were going home", played the song and left.

    The only time on acid I wanted to kill, kill, kill the bastard audience!

  2. August 24, 1969 I went to the Rose Palace in Pasadena Ca. To see---
    Spencer Davis
    Ten Years After
    and headlining was
    John Mayal
    After TYA did their set John Mayal came out on stage and announced that his band was still at the airport and he had just got to the Palace so he had TYA back his whole set! One of the best shows I have ever been to!

  3. Wow!

    That must have been great!

    And the other bands too!

  4. Those were the days, concerts were cheap and most venues were small enough to be intimate with the performers.

    I saw Hendrix on his first American tour in Madison Wi. in a loft that held 400 people.

    Sat on the floor about 20 feet from the stage.

    Saw BB King in a bar, performing for about 75 people.

  5. Maybe we should all make a date to swap concert stories. Me'n Old Uncle Dave went to see Mayal at the Raven in Healdsburg. OMG! Also saw Johnny Winter there and it made Dave deaf for life and started my hair turning white!

    I thought Alvin Lee was the sexiest thing going when I was a teeny-bopper.


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