25 July 2010


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Laugh and laugh, dammit.



  1. David Thorne is in a class of his own, if not world of his own.

    Very funny stuff!

  2. LOL...

    About 12 years ago Rin was on her way to drop the kids off at daycare and then on to work. She was about a mile and a half from the house, sitting at the stoplight at the on-ramp to the freeway when my daughter heard a faint cat meow. Rin got out to investigate and found a young kitten sitting on top of the rear axle of the car. We ended up adopting the kitten, or she adopted us. I thought we should name her Axle, but the kids chose Samantha.

    Samantha has become my cat, she greets me each morning for her daily petting and generally wants to be in whatever room I am occupying.

    In fact she is here now, banging her head into my ankle, begging to be petted.

  3. Felt good to be barking with laughter over something, that's for sure. Girded me for my morning ordeal with the terrierist grooming thing.


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