27 July 2010

listen to my song for me please

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I am hangin' with my dear, dear friends for a little while longer, and then driving back to Mom's. Gonna try to get in some good time with my Poppa in the next few days. So I'll be in and out and make sure you leave me good links here to stuff I'm spozed to know about but don't because I've gone waaaaay too analog....




  1. I'm mightily sorry it's Beck doing it. I'd rather it were some lefties, some decent and courageous lefties, but... I guess I'll have to settle for some right wingnut doing it. Whatever works. WHATEVER works. Just look at it this way: AT LEAST THE ASSHOLE IS TRYING TO MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN.... Getting people riled enough to go out and start the next revolution HAS to be better than just continuing to lie here, face down in the dirt, being whipped and whipped and whipped and whipped and whipped. SOMEBODY'S GOT TO GET UP OUT OF THE DIRT! Even if they're headed the wrong way. It has to be easier to turn them once they're up than getting ANYTHING to happen when they're down. YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING WITH A FUCKING PROSTRATE PUBLIC.

    Think of it that way.

    I hate Media Matters. And I hate Truthout. I hate them because they won't EVER stop their fucking Democratic-Fascist bellyaching. They are JUST as bad as Beck, et al. It's just harder to see that because they agree with us about most things. THEY'RE FUCKING US OVER JUST AS BADLY AS BREITBART AND BECK AND LIMBAUGH.

    Truly. So whoever's standing up, EVEN if it's to get violent, I will take it.

  2. Anyone wishing to cop an attitude about my position here, I would like to remind you that THE GOVERNMENT HAS SUBORDINATED ITSELF TO BP IN THE GULF. If you do not grok the emergency nature of such a thing, such a FASCISTIC thing, you need a hard slap.

    Our grandparents died in their millions so this would never happen to us.

    So, hell yes, I'll settle for Beck starting it.

  3. You know, I've been thinking about it while setting up my whole pharmacopeia of supplements and shit, and, truly, we all have to STOP being petty about this crap. I know in a normal world it would be righteous as hell to go postal on these assholes, but WE ARE NOT IN A NORMAL WORLD. These are DIRE STRAITS. We gotta drop the distractions cranked out by Media Matters and all the rest.

    Like it or not, Glenn Beck is our brother, our fellow American. We may hate it, but it's a fact and he's as fucked by all this as we are, even if he doesn't know it yet... is only acting it out for outrageously good pay.

    Like it or not, there are a bunch of all-heart rednecks out there who do NOT see things the way we do, but they see them with as much good faith as we see what we see, AND they are our brothers and sisters, our fellow citizens.

    We MUST unite against the real enemy.

    We MUST. Our grandparents DIED for us. We can die for our grandkids... we aren't worth the food it takes to keep us alive or the air we use up to breathe if we won't do that for them.

    If you guys like me, if you really are my friends, real friends, you will start making this point to others elsewhere.

  4. Speaking of pills: I transferred my vitamins outta their big jug into a small pesto jar. I thought I'd washed it out plenty well enough, but, wow, man, my vitamins taste snazzy now! :o)

  5. I'm going to bed now.

    Don't try to talk me out of it.

  6. Newly broken well still leaking

    Still not a word in the MSM!

  7. So maybe we could start neighborhood news clubs! We could call all our neighbors into one place every week or few days and give them the straight dope face-to-face... start a national network that doesn't rely on the boob tube... maybe THAT way they could get riled enough to start making things happen....



    So we gotta do it the analog way.

    We GOTTA!


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