26 July 2010

the long-awaited interview about the nazi bell

[click image, via Mister North]


This advanced degree in space lizardry is slow going.

If this doesn't do it for you, perhaps you will be more engaged by listening to the interview with Joseph Farrell instead... or before this one... or... not.


As you will have noticed if you bothered with this interview, the woman who used to be partners in space lizardry with Bill Ryan, Kerry Cassidy, could maybe win an award for being one of THE most annoying women of all time. I was grateful to find they'd split their operation so I could ignore her crap and pay attention to his. He's quite far enough out, and a MUCH better interviewer, and he isn't incessantly yammering at his victims to "disclose" fantastical things to the viewing public. Sheesh.


  1. Off topic...but 99 when I saw this I thought about you. This is a must see...


  2. MOST excellent!



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