30 July 2010

maybe some love

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Daisies are my favorites.

My poor trepidatious daisies finally took the leap after I left and now my garden is a forest of daisies taller than I am. There are a bazillion of my little itty ultra-strawberry strawberries ripening at the base of the daisy forest and the hydrangea I planted in the middle of the Scottish moss has turned out to be wanting to bloom the very palest pink you can imagine.

The bathroom orchid, which is now a very large pot with both of my orchids planted in it together decided against blooming while I was away. I hope it was only waiting for me and hasn't just changed its mind altogether, but with orchids there's just never any telling.

In between trips out to putter in the garden and do the store and post office and slump over and grieve, all that practical stuff, I am slowly trying to come back to the party intertubes-wise and so you are likely to start finding additions to older posts down the page. I'm putting them in a larger font so they're easier to spot, should you be interested... quite a bit new added to the Julian Assange post... for instance.



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