18 July 2010

no telling

[click image]


If anyone would have suggested to me that I would come to admire Paul Craig Roberts, I'd've told 'em they were right 'round the bend, OUT of their ever-loving excuses for minds, tap danced on their foreheads. Yes. I sure would have. If there was anything sentient left in the pulp on the pavement, I'd've started chanting the Avatamsaka at it or something.

Shit happens.

Things change.



  1. At first glimpse...

    "Ah, Bosch!"

    But then suddenly...

    "Hey wait a minute - electric guitar?"

  2. Is that Ann Coulter over which Bill is being defecated?

    And Cheney on his cell phone?

  3. Yessir... and more! Palin looking on, Greenspan, Ayn Rand, more.... Quite appropriate if you ask me.... We need some Clintons in there, etc, but....

  4. From the Hell panel no less - Brilliant!


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