16 July 2010

not sheep but reservation indians

[click image so you can glimpse the stark difference before and after true beauty has been imprisoned]


I think you ought to take a gander at what happens to great humans when the dominant paradigm will kill them if they step out of it. In Spotted Eagle's day, it was the onrush of wasichu in numbers too vast, incogitant and psychotic to tame. True humans are made one at a time when—suddenly or gradually—the wider culture does not support it. It does not support it here. Maybe it does not support it anywhere on earth now. I'm not sure about everywhere, but I know this was not the case in very ancient China and it was not the case in North America before the onslaught.

Last night I listened to a guy who states the problem pretty clearly and from the perspective of those yet extant to whom the truth is still more important than what we, or the dominant among us, would simply prefer to think. I don't know if you can listen to him and get the same sense of dread, loss, horror, chagrin, cosmic distress as I do, but you ought to give it a whirl. It's not that much different from the playlist I linked last night, but he has the freedom of putting it into his own ramble in this mp3. The message about some of the prime ways this has happened to you is sound. Cogent. The truth. You don't live in a society that can stand to think it. Fer crapsakes, he reminds you that art is not entertainment! How long has it been since you glimpsed that supremely salient bit of cellular memory? Pay attention! Wipe the sleeping powder off your aura. Hear SENSE.

Everyone of influence and education is out there spending their entire productive capacity duplicating the filthy self-elevation, self-justification over bottomless greed. Bottomless greed, posing as probity. You think you don't matter because you have not risen to that level of model citizenship. You're just trying to keep food on the table, trying to keep a table on which to serve the food. But humanity once existed for the betterment of itself and everything alive, including the mother of us all, the pale blue dot who feeds us and gives us air to breathe. This can never be true again if we don't insist on it, with our bodies, our hearts, our spirit, our being itself.

I flipped over to the convenient little streaming of the holocaust in the gulf at PBS and then started reading some of their blog posts. One brought the news that the Fed is asking Gulf Coast banks to help those hurt by the spill. Don't laugh. This is what they propose can help lift the millions being poisoned to death out of their abjection:
★ Temporarily waiving late payment charges, ATM fees and penalties for early withdrawal of savings.

★ Expediting lending decisions when possible, consistent with safety and soundness.

★ Extending or restructuring borrower debt obligations in anticipation of the receipt of funds based on claims the borrower may have filed with BP.

★ Easing credit terms or fees for loans to certain borrowers, consistent with prudent banking practice.

"These measures could help customers recover financially and be better positioned to honor their obligations," the central bank's statement said. "In the affected areas, these efforts can contribute to the health of the local community and the long-term interests of the institution and its customers."
Take only the briefest moment to absorb the brain-frying audacity of such dangerous blather, because it is only a flash card in the mental imagery you need to take the point. PBS is not your friend. It once was much nicer and more helpful, but... ultimately... PBS has never been your friend.

One good way to suss out a list of brain poisoning sites to visit is to click on the sites PBS and C-SPAN link. It's not a 100% but good enough for government work. So I just clicked-in to FiveThirtyEight from there to see how that jackass is busying himself in his self-proclaimed ascendence to the pinnacle of statistical analysis. The damp little human slide rule for the mavens of greed, hate and delusion is hard at his completely worthless steam generation, oblivious to life itself... as ever. A brief skim shows he is nearly dead of vexation that none of the mainstream publications who want his stuff will give him nearly enough room to present it fully. Don't worry Nate. It's completely meaningless in any form and you are getting paid.

As you know, I've been feeling the cracks through which one might discern the light by means of devoted searching on the tubes narrowing, filling with silt and hardening into the rock encasement that will keep out the light as effectively as your television set and radio, as that shrunken wad of newsprint you might yet, for sentiment's sake, be retrieving every morning from the end of your drive. I have seen that all the very successful blogs are already corporate-owned and controlled. I have seen that a vast swath of what we have deemed the "progressive blogosphere" has formed, and is still forming, into the flip side of corporatism: the nonprofit side. This is supposed to make them good guys. No. They're corporations. They exist to pay their employees. A regular corporation exists to pay its shareholders. A nonprofit corporation exists to pay its employees, cover the nut, enable the doing of unprofitable things the government has deemed worthy enough not to tax. The rub is: they exist on donations. The moment they become recognizable enough for their putatively good work, they start getting lots and lots of big grants and donations, in exchange for minor things like seats on their boards. The dominant paradigm eats all nonprofits that might have begun to have a salutary effect, keeping the image of that benefit while completely vitiating that benefit, the very benefit for which they were granted their tax exempt status to begin with.

The persons whose nonprofits reach this level of success and acclaim are very, very happy to be receiving those salaries and spending the rest of their lives deluding you, making excuses to themselves for deluding you, making a motherfucking buck... for merely using the prefab excuses that don't excuse but do delude so they can have the motherfucking bucks to keep that table upon which to put the food killing EVERYTHING for pay has made possible.

Not one of them brave enough to look up from the delusion generation to identify the true lethality feeding them.

There's a guy out there, Kevin Zeese, who is gathering up some of the brighter "progressive activists" into a little network of nonprofit status activists for social change. Most of these people do not realize yet how pernicious this really is, even as most of them are already showing signs of making themselves more alluring to the oligarchs who want to fund progressive causes. Those particular oligarchs were the ones who brought us Barack Obama, Wall Street before Main Street, mandatory health insurance instead of universal healthcare... et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So it seems to me almost as though this Zeese asshole is following me around to find the starving guys with something worthy to say, to load into his network of paying clients. This is worse than openly fascist corporations because it is covertly fascist. It is as fascistic but very much less apparently so... like when you stand up Dubya and Genghis Ponzi Yoo next to each other. It was obvious with Dubya, and much weaker. It was not obvious at all with GP Yoo, but much stronger... though, at last, I think most of us can see it now... which helps a little.

Not enough.

Not anything close to nearly enough.

Spotted Eagle had no choice. He was outnumbered and outgunned by a staggeringly huge margin. He fought until there was absolutely no ray of possibility to succeed and then stopped. It is not the same for us. We are an ocean of billions being held back by fewer than Spotted Eagle had under his command. They use the media and the universities, they pump us nonstop with completely deluded and outright false information and let us brainwash each other with it. They are SO weak they could be splatted against the dead embers of Gaia like one fat fly and that is why the ONLY times you ever see them pretending to want to do something pleasing to the masses is when we are all grumpy about something. We have yet to outlast their infinitude of theatrics, of tricks, though. We don't stay grumpy till it's DONE. We become grumpy, but are swiftly lulled by lies that approximate what we want to hear and the power of the fat fly to slaughter and pillage for fun and profit remains at play, remains the arbiter of the future of everything, remains what we've made of the world, remains the cause of everything that leads away from the betterment of life for all living things.

I'm pretty sure there isn't anything left anywhere more important for you to see than this. So. Click the fucking links. There is a chance something in one or another of them will wake you up.


There is a fatal flaw in the iron law of oligarchy. It only holds for populations dying of this sickness, this dread mental disorder. When those who rise to the top are true humans, are people of courage and heart and creativity and love, there is no detriment. The only way wasichu can rise in such a society is through violence and planet-scorching deceit. They could not rise even then if the population would enforce true humanity against the sick ones.

You would not be a slave, would not be watching your home wither in abjection to a fat fly, if you'd had the courage to splat it, if you'd not let your head fill with poison, with the whispers of snakes telling you that breaking the cycle of violence must take precedence over saving the world.

So, yes, it is your karma. We would not be in this mess, being eaten alive by fascists, if your failure of courage hadn't let you lap up every excuse they ever whisper in your ear.

The only way to break that karma is to learn it, see it, swear off it, return to the true human smothering to death behind the façade of your bent sense of identity... your personality, your ego, your political preferences, your corrupted sense of what constitutes caring for your family, your alienation from everyone around you, the works. You fucking went to Yale to get a PhD in it. You fucking turn it on to refill your brain every night when you flop down exhausted in front of the tube. You fucking squint at it before the newsprint is too smudged to read every single morning to fill yourself with it over your coffee before you head out to the salt mines. It yaps at you over your car radio. Planet-swallowing foundations present it to you elegantly in glossy magazines. You need to be conversant in it, agreeable about it at parties, or the "cognoscenti" [what a joke] will look down their noses at you, sniff and go off to masturbate over what an illiterate jackass you are. Everywhere. Everyone. It's a very, very bad nightmare. The worst kind. The kind that rules the world.

So if I seem to be harping at you, think of me as your alarm clock. It's time to wake up.


Don't tsk, you somnambulant fuckers:
MIAMIFederal authorities said Friday they are conducting the largest Medicare fraud bust ever in five different states and arrested dozens of suspects accused in scams totaling $251 million.
Bankers who stole trillions still bask in their mansions. Halliburton took billions and skated off to Dubai. They're not even contemplating charging anyone at BP.

ARE you outta your mind?

Oh, here, let's make a little pile of headlines sentient beings should never face:
★ Afghan soldier's motive for killing Brits unclear

★ Transitional vs. Permanent Homes for Haiti's Displaced

★ BP, scientists try to make sense of well puzzle

★ Bank of America profits top $3 billion

★ Analysis: Slap for Goldman but still a win for SEC
That only took five minutes because there was a phone call and I had to go pee in the middle of it.


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