24 July 2010


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Notsees everywhere....
Mark this well: The chief concern expressed here was not for the health and well-being of the public, but rather regret over the loss of an opportunity to exploit suffering in order to restrict the freedom of others.

Deprived of that "lever," the federal food fascisti attempted to pressure Kane into informing on others involved in the "criminal" purveyance of pure milk.
Let's become Dosees.



  1. The psychopaths need something to do.

    In our office we have few of them. One in particular is a real wing nut supervisor.

    When he first came to our division it was obvious he didn't know anything about our operations.

    The first thing he did was take the office at the end of a hallway. The second thing he did was install a convex mirror on the outside of his door frame so he could see anyone coming down the hallway. LOL

    His most significant contribution to our division was to create committees. The reason he created them is so he could sit on them and give himself something to do. LOL

    These FDA fucks are just little psychopaths that, most of the time, don't know what they're doing, because they've been told by a bigger psychopath what to do. They're very little people. That's why they need the sheriff to come with them. The sheriff goes with them because he's convinced by the little psychopath that there's some law broken.

    The only real law broken here is The law of Common Fucking Sense in the case of Practical application vs Textbook Theory

    Summertime here in Manitoba is cottage season. People migrate to the lakes, beaches and campgrounds from May 'till September. The highways are filled with fruit and vegetable stands, and have been for as long as I can remember. Our town has a summer produce market for local growers as well.

    In the face of the potential coming societal storm, I think these safety nets will be crucial.

    One of the major reasons Cuba survived the break-up of the Soviet Union was that Castro was wise enough to see it coming and told the Cuban population to grow food on every square foot of soil they could find. All government land was made available to everyone to plant food. As a result, the Cuban population suffered but didn't starve.

    It's only a matter of time before these little psychopaths stop in at these co-op food markets, not to shut them down, but to buy food to survive.

  2. Growing up in Wisconsin I can remember the roadside fruit and vegetable stands along the roads in the country. I had friends who used raw milk and sold it at the stands, even made cheeses from it.

    It's pathetic and unbelievable that this is now going on there, but then again, margarine used to be illegal!

    (My parents were margarine runners - smuggled it in from Illinois!)

  3. Margarine should be made illegal again! OMG It's a thousand times worse for you than butter.

    And, yes, let's round up all the sociopaths and psychopaths and put them in a huge office tower, block all egress and let them torture EACH OTHER to death for a fucking change. The world could get on QUITE nicely without them.

  4. Who'da ever thunk BB2 was descended of merchants of death?

  5. And, yes, let's round up all the sociopaths and psychopaths and put them in a huge office tower, block all egress and let them torture EACH OTHER to death...

    With Fire and Ice.

    We'll cater in McBurgers and Fries until their gnarly butts are burnin' rings of fire, and cases of heavily fluoridated water to gargle with! :p

  6. Margarine should be made illegal again!

    But it's just a little hydrogen...

    What harm can that do?

  7. But Aha!

    Until the 1970's, food producers used coconut oil to get that buttery flavor and texture. The American obesity epidemic began when it was replaced with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil

    My parents get a break!

    Post-war, the margarine lobby gained power and, little by little, the main margarine restrictions were lifted, the most recent states to do so being Minnesota in 1963 and Wisconsin in 1967.

  8. Prior to '67 the only legal way you could buy it in the state was as a white block which came with a capsule of yellow dye to mix into it.

    If you wanted it already yellow you had to smuggle it in.

  9. A similar product was Coors beer.

    When I was in college people would get together and pool their money for someone with a van or station wagon to drive to the first place they could find Coors and then return with cases of Coors bulging the sides of their vehicles and stacked on top.

    I could never figure out why! The local brewery's swill - Point Special - was better than that stuff.


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