11 July 2010

of course, the aristocracy told the tale of the revolution and of the terror

[click image, The Death of Marat]


So we only know there's been a LOT of spin put on this stuff for our "benefit", especially for us educated "elitist liberals" and, anyway, I'm wanting to examine my participation in my own downfall and examine the so not-very-well-thought-out maxim about absolute power corrupting absolutely. Yes, the absolutely corrupt seek and defend absolute power as absolutely heartlessly as possible—to the point where even brilliant people become CONVINCED they are shape-shifting reptilian aliens—and any honest person has to agree that this explanation is the ONLY one that fits their behavior well enough to be deemed true, even if it is utterly fantastical poppycock. It is also true that many are unfit for authority, some even for authority over their own persons, but definitely for authority over others. We encounter those every day.

I remember the most thoroughly lovely woman who turned into a monster the moment she was put in charge of a kitchen crew, of all things. I needn't go into detail. If you are older than sixteen, you KNOW what happened to her. Raving egomaniacal fiends who hold any power melt directly back into amity and fellow feeling when it has been taken away. That might even hold for some of the space lizards. The moment they realize their power is gone for good, so is their hate, their hate which was really incarnated fear all along. These people are common, but they are not everyone.

The main problem for humans eluding the grip of those whose greed and self-regard is so strong they develop a will to power that cannot help but propel them where they want to go is that the vast majority of us not only do not suffer those urges to such an extent, but also will not risk ourselves to stop them. When a population has risen up to smack down a tyranny, very, very often it is only those with that same will to power who rush in to fill the void, EVEN when people better-suited to the positions of power are in place. The population immediately sinks back from victory and will not stay mobilized to protect and defend and enforce the positions of the better-suited against the plots and perfidies of the... well... the space lizards.

People don't realize who they are, what they are. For as long as that is true the suffering will continue to become ever more unbearable. Karma demands it. You cannot elude the cosmic force of cause and effect. You cannot elude who you really are, even if you will never realize it.

The part that hurts me the most is that if you would but realize it, everything would immediately turn around.


It occurs to me I may be being too oblique for some. Perhaps a listen to at least the first part of this would help. We are living under fascism. This is not hyperbole. This is a readily verifiable fact for ANYONE paying attention and willing to look up what they don't understand. If none of the million other signs could awaken you from your slumber, the fact of the government working under BP's direction has to erase every bit of mental conditioning that has kept you asleep against all reason for this long. I thought of Marat while wondering if Max Keiser might be someone fulfilling a similar role... and I do NOT mean the role the revisionists have given to Marat, but what might possibly have been the real one lurking behind their lies, might yet be documented somewhere reliably, despite the job done on this one, one of the most successful revolutions in all history.

Don't doubt its success, even with the return of the aristocracy. To this day, the French government has remained too afraid of their people to mistreat them so badly again. It could well be that the globalists who are NOT afraid of the French people will undo all that, but they bought themselves more than two centuries of a much higher standard of living for those who do the work... as did we... as did we. It's well and truly over for us now, but it does not have to be.



  1. Yes it is. But so is the mentality that lets it rise to the top.

    And, while I recognize that those SOTT people have done some good stuff, they are also foaming assholes who come more and more to mirror that which they revile. And I'm sure that if they had to make up a term like that, they could have done a much less ridiculous and inscrutable one.

    I made the mistake of listening to a long interview with the woman who runs that place and she is a mental disease spreading, a charlatan casting a net. I cannot agonize over it because it is the karma of those who insist on going to her and nothing else could teach them, IF they could be taught, but it pisses me off she's there to further harm people anyway.

  2. And I'm sure that if they had to make up a term like that, they could have done a much less ridiculous and inscrutable one.

    Actually, it was Andrzej Łobaczewski that named the new science, Ponerology, a term he borrowed from the priests of the Benedictine Abbey in the historic Polish village of Tyniec.

    I personally don't care for Laura Knight Jadczyk in the least, that however didn't stop me from reading the book, and in my opinion, it should be required reading for everyone.

  3. Well, you might be right.

    She certainly is exhaustive on the matter of sociopaths running the world and THAT cannot be a bad thing.

  4. Oh, now, well, wait. For some vexingly-inexplicable reason I have been laboring under the delusion that LKJ wrote that book and coined that term. I certainly HOPE it wasn't from that horrifying interview... can't have been... must have been the ceaseless ads for it and use of the term on her site.

    So, I will amend that to state: You ARE right, and believable on the matter of who should be required to read it.

  5. Though, not to distract from the importance of it, I personally think needing to read a book about it is pretty damn lame. It's all around us. It's flashing neon. It's in a language even the illiterate can understand... and... actually... the illiterate seem to be doing a better job of understanding it than the literate lately.... I don't think I'm imagining THAT.

  6. And it's a disease almost everyone has. Some manifest it by wielding it, and others manifest it by snatching at every excuse to ignore it or to coöperate with it while insisting they have no choice, or insisting what they are doing is NOT coöperation. People can't ever awaken unless they do the hardest thing, get the courage to look where it is hardest to look.

    At themselves. I don't know if that book addresses that part of it, but it is the CRUCIAL bit.

  7. We don't stand a chance unless people will do that, which might be the same as saying we don't stand a chance, period.

  8. Your right, it is pretty lame that most will need that book to be able to identify the sickness for what it is, but unfortunately, that's the world we live in today.

    One thing the book will do for the slumbering majority is help them identify the sick bastards, hopefully before they can reek their havoc.

    I just happen to have a couple of the sick fucks in my workplace and all three of them are in positions of power.

    There isn't a day that goes by that someone isn't affected by their jackassism (I stole that one from you :p my coworkers think I'm brilliant after I laid that one on them lol)

    Anyhoo, after reading that book I can say without a doubt that it's easier to spot 'em, deal with 'em, and shut 'em down before they can have a negative effect in my workplace.

    And it's catchy, people I work with seem to pick it up and are less effected by these sick fucks.

  9. Beware. I spent an entire work life protecting my coworkers from them and almost none are grateful for it enough to stand with you. You will end up forever being the one who has to go... whether, like me, because you will snap from having to do all this work, plus your work, plus half everyone else's too, or because your sterling work ceases to be more important to them than getting back the power you drained.

    Like I say. There are a few. The weak may love your strength but they will not add to it. They will take all the profit from it, just as the bosses will—identically, really, but you have to look more closely—and seldom will one be there for you in the crunch.

    And they pick it up alright! They can become the happiest of clams as long as YOU are the point man. When you want to leave them to defend themselves, pft. It's as though you NEVER showed them a thing.

    They all SEE. They're not stupid. They just PRETEND, because it's safer.

    There might be a better chance of getting one of the prick bosses to cop to it than one they are oppressing... "oppressing" might not always be the correct term, because it implies there's no collusion with the supposedly oppressed. The collusion is the CHOICE to follow the fear and not the love.

  10. Not to fear, as of March 2013 I'm done. I could stay for the full 30 yrs, but I'm taking the magic 80 (years of service+age) and withdrawing my full pension in cash 8).

    I focus my attention on the kids that work with us, we have about thirty between the ages of 20-25 years. They're the ones that thought that Jackassism was god-like.

    There might be a better chance of getting one of the prick bosses to cop to it than one they are oppressing...

    Ohh, believe me when I say...

    They're getting the education of they're lives. If we didn't have a strong union it would be a lot tougher.

    The thing that I find most frustrating is the lower management that goes along with the shit. Łobaczewski explains this well in his book. The psychopath will surround himself with (brown nosers) to increase his sphere of influence, and further his/her agenda.

    Unfortunately, with the dumbing down of society, not to mention the utter lack of creativity in some people today brown nosing is all too rampant.

  11. Gonna take Blue (my black lab) to the river for a swim, be back in a bit


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