10 July 2010

oscar's verdict is pulling me out of my near death experience

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Nothing like moral outrage to put the spark of life back in a body.

BB2 added this link to the mix on the post below, and it's just typical of all the evidence at trial that was screaming for any free and decent juror to return a flat Second-degree Murder verdict, with commentary to the affect that it was SO obviously gratuitous as to make it verge on FIRST-degree Murder. BB2 also says the feds are looking into the feasibility of taking on some "hate crime" bullshit to "involuntary manslaughter" and much as I want this pig to rot in prison for a very, very long time, I don't want those fuckers putting this crap on top of already too much crap. It's just an effort to take political advantage at the price of further ruining our quite nearly DEAD justice system.

We should as stridently reject the DOJ on this as we do the filthy verdict in the COLD-BLOODED MURDER of Oscar Grant. We should try to take comfort that the guy's karma is permanently ruined. He will be a pariah for the rest of his life, barring some transcendental enlightenment and transcendental atonement for his crime. And we should be dragging those fucks at Main Justice out from behind their desks and never letting them back.

[I chose this image for Oscar because the facial expression is that of a true human looking at the dangerous twits, aka wasichu, who do this sort of thing... one third amusement, two thirds contempt... in the expression, of course... because the contempt is unquestionably wholehearted.]



  1. Well that didn't work - I had gone to a link withing that website, but the URL did not change in my address bar.

    Here is what it should have been.

  2. Not good enough. Not good enough by millions of apologies.


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