17 July 2010

our future in the matrix

[click image, video, half hour]


Scares the pee out of me.



  1. I came across a site yesterday which was a whole new concept.

    An auction site where you could purchase items for ridiculously low prices. The catch? It costs $0.60 to place a bid. There is a timer which resets whenever a bid is placed.

    I found a $1,200 digital camera that was bidding at $4.95. Since I just wanted to check it out at this point I watched the bidding for about five minutes.

    The clock would wind down to one or two seconds when someone would post a new bid at which point the clock reset to 15 seconds. You could see who was placing the bids so I was able to keep track of what they were spending to place the bids.

    Six or seven people were bidding, with one person in particular countering ever bid as soon as it was placed. As I watched that one person spent almost $12 placing bids.

  2. I hope you are feeling better - did you eat "Fresh Express" salad mix with Romain lettuce?

    Recalled the other day for e.coli!

  3. My second bout was after eating a salad from one of those salad mixes. But I was also nuking myself with probiotics to try to clean all the poison out of me and THAT can be painful when you do it in extreme doses like that.

    I'm feeling much better. Much, much better... just still befuzzled from such a huge body emergency. The good part about such befuzzlement is that one's true sense is less inhibited by one's habit of oneself... so real insight is easier to keep a bead on.

    AND there's this fucking dog to deal with! He has needs. He has DEMANDS. He's not noted for stoicism in these things. So I don't get a moment upon waking to attend to my dreams before the little fuck is wiggling and thumping and talking and barking.... Then I'm resentful.

    Stupid, I know. Just stupid.


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