18 July 2010

plant a garden, buy a cow, raise chickens or learn to set traps

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The food thing is quietly becoming more terrifying by the day, and so if you won't send me to Vilcabamba, maybe you will help me out with THIS... or maybe you can be prepared to help everybody around you with this?

[Oh. Oh. Yes, and would that radio were edible! We'd be phat.]



  1. The deal on that farm that I was looking at has gone a bit south.

    The guy that was selling it is in his early 70s. His wife had a stroke and is completely dependent now. They both moved to an assisted living apartment in the nearby town.

    He was willing to sell me that farm, and all equipment, no agent, one lawyer, for a great price.

    Then his daughter got involved :(

    She wants the property appraised, real estate agent, etc, etc..

    She called me earlier and left a message saying that the deal she had in place fell through and asked if I was still interested.

    I can hardly wait to hear how much she's asking for the place now lol.

    Ahh well, it's not exactly what I wanted anyway. I have my eye on 320 acres of raw pine forest not to far from that place. It backs onto a Provincial game reserve. It's been for sale for 10 years so I might be able to swing a good deal for it.

    If I get it, I'm gonna build one of these

  2. You better hire me to do yer design. I'm better than that. Radically. And I am not bragging.

    But, yes, a stream is a must have. They make these mini hydroelectric gizzies nowadays that can run yer whole house... off the grid.

  3. I have been screaming at all you pot legalization freaks about this for at LEAST a decade!


    Where's my goddam cliff? :o)

  4. Damn,

    I forgot to shackle you first!

  5. When I lived in Nelsonville, Wi. there was a grist mill there that had been built 1867 and was still in operation when I lived there in 1972. (the article implies it was no longer in operation in 1968, but that is wrong.)

    It was an amazing thing to see. The mill pond with its chute pouring water on the huge water wheel. slowly turning it. Inside the building a system of wood peg cogs and gears connected to wooden shafts, all interlinked down to the final shaft with the milling blades which spun at 3,000 rpm. (It had blades rather than grinding stones.)

    They still used it to grind the feed corn brought in by the local farmers.

  6. And 86 is not here to lock me in the outhouse, so yer fucked now! OMG! Hide the freshman class and Agent DLC. This could get horrifying!


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