01 July 2010

this guy says we're devolving

[click image, playlist, about an hour]


Ya think?

I only just turned it on... and, hook or no hook, it doesn't sound that interesting so far, but since I'm jonesing on my lizardry PhD courses, I'm giving it a whirl. Good way to wind down and do something as novel as SLEEP.


Oh... sigh... I could not make it. Either this guy is an example of his own thesis or an entirely too uninspiring orator even for winding down the zapping synapses thing. I don't want to bother figuring it out. Please let me know if you made it through and if there was ANYTHING worth hearing in that. Sorry.

I'm now giving this guy a try, after a brief agony of professional protest and dead wildlife, and he sounds at least more with-it and he says the universe is intelligent... a correlation here? You decide.


Oh, crap. I couldn't hang with that either. So I wouldn't blame you even an itty bitty bit if you don't even bother to click on any of this.

Just gazing at Conquering Bear for a moment is probably good enough....


Late night, very late night, news flash: Richard Hoagland was on Coast to Coast again tonight, last night as you read this, and he's SCREAMING FOR EVERYONE TO CALL THEIR REPRESENTATIVES AND DEMAND THE MUD LOGS BE MADE PUBLIC... which, if you've been paying attention is ONLY sane... and mandatory to real independent experts being able to assess the situation. Such screaming might actually be efficacious. They're all standing for reëlection soon and the horrors are deepening by the day.

So. Scream. Scream for the government to GET those mud logs out of the corporations' asshole "proprietary information" vaults. IT'S OUR PLANET! They fucked up and they're NOT fixing it. So. Scream.

The other bit of news he has is that it is now being put about that BP actually drilled 30,000 or 35,000 feet below the sea floor with this debacle well... which I can believe because THOSE were the original numbers I saw before they melted away and were replaced by lower numbers... into a huge reservoir of methane... and geologists were screaming for them NOT to do it. They did it anyway.

The giant seafloor bubble is real. It's actually there. It may or may not blow.


It was about as close to completely unbearable to get this information from the live stream as it could conceivably be conveyed. I'm going to kill myself now.

Hoagland will be back on with Noory the first hour of his 4th of July show.... I have no clue if I will have the stamina to kill myself again that soon.

Good-bye cruel world.

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