17 July 2010

very close to a happy ending

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Gotta be tough to have your spectacular midlife crisis under the glare of the world media, and I don't think many people know what kind of pit vipers run around posing as human in Hollywood. Maybe I just will always love him for The Year of Living Dangerously and being there next to THE most spectacular performance by an actor of all time. No character has ever been as alive as Billy. I was riveted to that movie... and it wasn't Mel. I thought he was very pleasingly easy on the eyes, but Billy just yanked my heart out of my chest and held it through the whole movie. When the credits rolled and I found out who it was, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

So, go in peace Robyn and Mel.



  1. Back then I used to make little cheater boxes that you could hook up to your cable tv to allow you to tune into Superchannel. That movie was featured at the time and was on maybe 5 times a day.

    I too was fooled by Linda Hunts' spectacular performance and thought she was a man in real life.

    Unbelievable performance, epic in fact.

  2. I can't believe it to this day. She blew the rest of them off the screen. It's creepy that she's not as big a star as Meryl Streep or Katharine Hepburn... and, as with the Oscar for Haing Ngor in The Killing Fields, it pisses me off there was the "Supporting" part in their awards. He too blew everyone else in the movie off the screen.

    It's too late for him, but Hunt is still alive, and they ought to go back and give both of them a special Oscar for the best performances by any actors of all time, of ever, of forever. Our poison hierarchy strikes again.


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